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My name Is Sophie and I'm 18. I currently live in the North East of England, near Newcastle (where Geodie Shore is filmed ahah) in a seaside town. It's a bit run down but I don't hate it as much as other people seem to. 

I decided to start a blog because I felt like I had some kind of advice to give and a lot of things that I searched for weren't being discussed, so I thought I would.  I've loved blogging so far and it's a great creative outlet. 

I'm currently studying A levels, which take up most of my time. I study Politics, sociology and photography. I love all the subjects I take and I hope to do a join honors in Sociology and politics. I love learning about society and I'm particularly interested in behaviors like voting or powers in society. I dont have a goal job at the end of it but I know I want to continue studying because I think i'm better at learning. My goal is to have an Alpaca farm but anything in the middle will be by chance/luck. 

I'd say blogging is my number 1 hobby but I also love collecting cacti, you can see them all here. I guess you could say playing sims is a hobby but i dont know if that fully counts? I've had all the sims but sims 2 was my favourite, I hated sims 3 but I'm starting to be obsessed with sims 4!! I just love building the houses and decorating them all. 

I love fashion and seeing other peoples personal style. I dont really know what I'd call mine but I 100% go for comfort. I try to look put together but my main priority is to be comfortable. I also love makeup but I'm no expert, I mainly focus on how I effect my skin and skin related issues. I have very dry skin but spot prone so it's an interesting mix when trying to find makeup. 

I try to cover a range of topics on my blog because I blog about what I enjoy. I do mostly  post fashion and makeup but I dont want to keep my personality quite, so I also do posts on my thoughts on issues, advice, my experiences, decor and my cacti.

My name is Shy Life Living because I felt like it described me best. I'm very shy but I'm still active, I don't let shyness get the better of me, it's just a trait of my personality.

My favourite series are New Girl, Total Divas, Gossip Girl, Parks And Recreation, Modern Family, American Horror Story Asylum, Skins (series 1/2), Keeping Up With The Kardashians (I'm sorry) and The IT Crowd.
My Favourite Documentaries are How To Die In Oregon, Bones Brigade, Indie Game The Movie and Capturing The Friedmans.
My Favourite Films are Before I disappear, About Time, The Boat That Rocked, Girl, Interrupted, 2 Night Stand, Totoro.
My favourite things include my dog Spot, my hamster Bert, my best friend Grace, my cacti collection, my mams garden, E45 cream, Totoro, foxes and alpacas.

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  1. I love the jumper you are wearing in the top photo! It's the cutest thing ever.


  2. My god I wish I could steal your wardrobe! :D
    Jess @ JuicyyyJesss

  3. I loved How to Die In Oregon! I thought I was the only one who'd seen it. So touching.

    Jenn |

  4. Hello! Aww, I would love to live in a seaside town but I come from North Staffordshire (now live in mid Cheshire!) I'm making it my mission to explore the UK coast one town at at time (just like the TV series!) It is lovely to see you expressing your creativity over here, keep it up :)


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