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Let's Talk: Results Day Fears

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

With results day this month, I know sorry for the reminder, I thought I'd write a little post discussing my fears and how I'm managing to get over them and think more positively.

The thing with results days is that they are important. Even if it's your GCSE's or right up to uni or A Levels, it's important. The grades don't reflect you as a person but they do decide your path most of the time and in general, most of us like to do well and get the results that mirror the effort you put in. However, the stress and anxiety that comes with results day makes the whole process so much worse. There's so much pressure on the grades and you have to go into school or college and actually get them, so it's also public and no one wants to be the disappointed one. 

I think the process of results day does need to be adapted to accommodate students and the varying degrees of mental health. For people without mental health issues, results day is still awful and it's still nerve wrecking. For those with mental health issues, it's so much heightened and really effects it. I know it effects my OCD, makes me have sleepless nights and get physical illness. For any student it's just a waiting period or huge amounts of stress. 
I think the whole system would be so much better without the stress of disappointment, like 'oh you didnt get the grades?' that's fine let's help you figure it out, instead of the dreading of sitting on the phone to colleges etc hoping you'll get somewhere. There's so much emphasis by teachers on 'failure' even for those who really try, which isn't fair and really adds to the stress. 
Also the whole going into college or school to collect the results is awful. I remember walking to school and college shaking and then having to open them in a hall of people. It just adds to the pressure. 

I've just went on a huge negative rant about results day, sorry!
I thought I'd also discuss all the things I've been doing to help me deal with this.

Putting Time Into Hobbies: 
I find that when I start to obsess about something, it's helpful for me to put more effort into the things I enjoy. So I've been working on my monthly moments and my scrapbook. This is short term because I can't do this before I sleep, but it really does help and it gives me something else to think of.

Be Social:
I think seeing friends or family is a good way to feel better in any situation. I know talking to my friends or people in my classes has helped because you know you're not alone with your worries and you can all have a joke about it. Also making plans. I already have plans to go out after results day so even if its bad or good you have people to have fun with after. 

Think Realistically:
I know results matter but in times of real worry, I find it easiest to plan realistically. I've planned the different course I'd look at if I dont get into my firm choice, I've looked at the option of resits and getting a job in a gap year. Obviously, uni is my preferred option but a back up plan is always great to have. 

Know Yourself:
I think in the run up to results day it's easy to beat yourself up and think of all the wasted hours or a question on a paper that you didnt know very well. I get it into my head and I start thinking of all the things I could of wrote in essays or other times I could've revised. However, I need to tell myself that I tried my best. I didnt sacrifice my mental health and I was revising all year. Don't beat yourself up, you did your best and you can't change it now.

How are you feeling about results day?


  1. I got my last set of results last year when I graduated and although it was really nerve-wracking logging on to my uni portal, I agree that it was far better than physically picking up my results from school and college. I think that it would be better if there were an option to get GCSE and A-Level results electronically too; for those of us with any mental health issues results day can be very difficult. However like you say there are plenty of positive things you can do to alleviate the stress. Also, the best of luck to you with your results, but whatever happens you will be OK. Obviously it's impossible to see into the future but as I'm sure you know, it's crazy how you can look back and find that what you might have thought could be the worst thing to have happened at the time, was actually the best.
    Good luck again!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  2. We don't have results day in the US so I always find learning about the UK's educational system really interesting! But I think the points you brought up are really great if you're feeling stressed in general. Good luck with your results!!! I'm sure you'll do great :)

    Lee -

  3. Hope you're keeping positive in the run-up to results day! What I've learn post-leaving school is definitely that your experience of learning (work, school, life in general) is emphasized so much more than what your results are... sure the results and grades could be a defining feature but realistically, it's all about life experiences :-) I can relate though, since I was feeling super nervous and anxious before I got my result but you're a tough and smart cookie <3

    Cherie | sinonym

  4. I'm so nervous about results day! What I need for uni seems impossible and so is making me even more nervous. I do have those split seconds where I think "I might have actually done it" and then tell my self to stop kidding myself. It's hard to stay positive with the wait so long I just want to get it over with. Hopefully I will have done ok and fingers crossed for you two- I hope you get what you wanted!
    Sarah x


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