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Everyday Makeup | Spot Prone, Dry Skin

Thursday, 14 July 2016
I've had quite a few hormonal breakouts recently so I've been getting used to some new products that have really worked, so I thought I'd share it. The makeup doesn't fully cover the spots because you can't make the skin flat but it works really well to hide the redness and give me a bit more confidence, so I hope you enjoy!

Products used:
Moisturiser: E45
Primer: Mac Prep and Prime
Concealer: Rimmel Lasting Finish 
Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection
Eyebrows: Soap & Glory Archery Brow 
Power: Rimmer Stay Matte 
Cheeks: Dr Pierre Richaud cream bronzer and Avon bronze and blush palette
Lips: Bourjois Rouge Edition Souffle De Velvet 04
Eyeliner: Collection Fast Stroke

Firstly, I think it's really important for my skin to have a good moisturiser! My skin is very dry and dehydrated to I always use E45 as it's an intense moisturiser and it doesn't have any alcohol in so it won't irritate any spots or acne. I'd highly recommend it if you have sensitive skin.
Then I add my Mac Prep and Prime to prime before my makeup. I find this is great at keeping your makeup on but it also gives a glowy look and neutralises redness because its yellow in colour. 

Then I've recently tried the Rimmel Lasting Finish concealer. I just picked it up because it reminded me of the Mac Studio Fix concealer that I always used to use and it is a really good dupe. It's the same consistency; it's thick an compact, so its best used with your fingers and then a beauty blender to fully blend it with the skin. I like to use a thicker concealer before my foundation because it means theres less to cover and I dont wear as much foundation, so the clear parts of my skin can breathe more. It's better to target conceal with. 
Then I've gone back to an old favourite with my Rimmel Match Perfection. I forgot how much I really loved this! It's a great medium-full coverage but has a dewy glow and it's really good if you have pale skin. 
My brows have became a big part of my everyday routine. I never spent much time on them but oh my god, I look so weird now if I dont draw them on!! I have naturally thin eyebrows so I love getting a more full and defined shape and the Soap & Glory definer is great. It has wax/pencil on one end and then a felt tip on the other so you can get a great, natural but defined look!
A new discovery has also been cream bronzers as well as highlighting bronzer/blush. It gives a more dewy and fresh look which is definitely what my sallow skin needs. So any cream products or shimmery ones you have, use them all over its fab and glittery.

Finally the lips. I've jumped on the liquid lips trend slightly with this Bourjois Velvet liquid lipstick. They are so much easier because  they stay on so long but these ones are very light so you dont feel like they're drying out your lips. 04 is this lovely peachy pink, which just lights up my face and is fab so summer.

What are your go to products?


  1. Love this look! I've been tempted to try the Rimmel concealer for a while now but struggled to find a good match when I last swatched it. I must get one of the new Bourjois liquid lipsticks too - they look right up my street!
    Rebecca | Notes From September

  2. That foundation is my go to foundation because it actually matches my Snow White complexion! I love this look! Your so pretty xxx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  3. I also use this foundation, I love it :) I really want to try the Rimmel Lasting Finish concealer and I'm even more tempted to buy it now after reading your post. You look lovely too :) x

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

  4. This is such a great post lovely, my skin is very similar to yours so I'll have to try these out! I love your top as well, it's gorgeous! xx

  5. This is such a great post lovely, my skin is very similar to yours so I'll have to try these out! I love your top as well, it's gorgeous! xx

  6. Very lovely. I would also like to try the Rimmel concealer too since I use their powder.

    <3 Stef
    for vanity's sake

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