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Thursday, 9 June 2016
As you may or may not of notices, I've been a bit absent lately. I did explain this in my last post but I thought I'd link in an update with my monthly loves and moments!

So as I always bang on about, Im doing A Levels and it's all suddenly got really hard. I'm so happy with everything in life, I have some amazing people surrounding me and I really can't wait for these A Levels to be done. It's so stressful and overwhelming. If anyone out there is doing exams at the moment, I wish you all the best of luck and if you're stressing out just drop me a DM and we can chat about this together!!

I've missed sharing all my favourite things!!
I've had so many new favourites to chat about, so I picked the very best for this post and ones that I know I'll be loving throughout the summer.

I got this lovely, bronze Barry M dazzle dust for bank holiday because I fancied a bit of sparkle and I've been loving it since. 
I didn't edit the photo of the swatch so you could see how it transfers properly. I have the pink version,  that I used on halloween and I knew I loved the formula, so I thought I'd pick up a more wearable shade. I usually apply a brown shadow all over the lid and then dab this on with my figure to get an intense look! 
It has warm undertones, which work fab with my green eyes. It's so pigmented and glittery it just makes you feel so dressed up without having to be amazing with makeup.

You all know I've loved Daisy's pieces for years and she recently sent me some more to photograph for her and I'm just in love. 
All the pieces are so subtle and delicate so you can literally wear them with any outfit and she makes such lovely designs. 
My absolute favourite is this gold pineapple necklace. I love that she's gone against the all gold or all silver look!! It really mixes it up and allows you to wear other pieces with it, which I love. It's more or a statement compared to her other pieces but I love that. It's so fun and different for summer.
I'll definitely be posting more of her pieces because I wear at least one everyday, so watch out in my next outfit posts.

Rocket Dog:

I was contacted about these shoes so I thought I'd give them a go for my new summer shoes and they've literally saved my feet!! I'm one of those (stupid) people that wears uncomfortable shoes because they look nice and I end up with gross blisters and gross feet in general. These shoes have saved me from that. They are so simple for an everyday outfit because of the classic look but then they have extra details like the super round toe and the waffle fabric. I think they are so interesting for a simple, slip one shoe. The best part and the reason I'm including them in my favourites is the soles!! They are padded and have this spongey feel so it literally feels like you're walking on cushions. I've been wearing these to death and you'll definitely be seeing them all summer because they are just so comfy!!!!! Finally comfy shoes.


I think May has been a weird month; it's been full of change and stress but I've been so happy. I feel like I'm finally getting back to myself and allowing myself to put more time and effort into the people and things I love. May was a good month and I hope it was for you!

I'd love to know all your updates!
How was May?


  1. Aww, good and the bad! That's life eh... your room though! It's huuuuuuge, great for all the A-levels studying you're doing ;) I had to work with cramped spaces when I had my uni exams and I got so frustrated bc my papers were everywhere and I couldn't see the floor for a while ha! May has been ok, not that I remember much as I spent 5 days last week in bed due to vvvvv bad food poisoning/hospital and eurgh glad that's over with now!

    Cherie | sinonym

  2. Good luck with your exams, A Levels were so stressful for me too and I just hated it so much. I love the Daisy Mae jewellery pieces, I seriously need to buy a few things as they all look so beautiful

    Emily x |

  3. I hope all your exams have gone okay, and good luck if you haven't had them yet. I always love these posts! The eye shadow is so pretty and such a lovely colour xx

    Sophie |

  4. Good luck on your exams! That dazzle dust looks awesome.

    <3 Stef
    For Vanity's Sake


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