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Style Snippet: Nap Queen

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

I was browsing BooHoo because I was feeling a bit down and of course online shopping is a pick me up! Anyway, I was scrolling through and found this amazing jumper and knew I had to feature it today!!

Jumper: Boohoo 

I ordered a 'Queen Of Naps' jumper of ASOS ages ago but had to send it back because the fit of it was all wrong and ever since I've been looking for one like it and I found this!! It's absolutely perfect, exactly what I was wanting. It's just a light grey, sweatshirt fabric with the bold, red letters saying 'Nap Queen'. I love that it's a more fun take on the whole varsity trend thats going round now with the bomber jackets and college jumpers. It's like hopping on a trend but in a way that's more me because I'm really not sporty! I love how bold and to the point it is, it just adds a bit of sass to a normal outfit. I can imagine myself styling this with red Pumas on a boring day but still looking like I made an effort and then maybe a leather skirt and boots on a day when I need to look more put together but still can't really be bothered. It only comes in petite for now but I love this because it's more fitted, it means that you can be comfy in a sweatshirt without looking like you stuffed on the biggest pieces of fabric ever ahah! I can't wait to style this in so many ways and I already know it's my new favourite. 
I've been buying a lot of Boohoo recently because its so cheap so you can shop little and often without breaking the bank, which i love. It's also on trend a lot of the time so it's great for trend pieces and you don't spend loads on them. 
Also I got some cool new lenses. My dad found them on Ebay for so cheap and they are fab; there's loads of lens filters, macro and fish eye lenses so I knew I had to give one a go. 

I also just wanted to give a little update. I no longer have good DSLR and photographer so I'm struggling a bit with the outfit posts! It's so annoying because this is what I love to do and I dont want my content to go downhill so I apologise. I really hope I can get back to normal soon, it's just really hard at the moment. 
Thanks so much for everyones support. 

If you had a slogan jumper to represent you, what would it say?


  1. Love this, I also love boohoo such great stuff at an affordable price xoxo

  2. That jumper is so cute! I need to have a browse on Boohoo sometime!


  3. Love the jumper, I definitely need to check out boohoo soon! I love your style post Sophie. I'm sure you will be back to normal soon! Hope you are ok, I'm always here if you need to talk! xx send you a big hug!

  4. I love this jumper, its so cute! I definitely need to check out boohoo!xx


  5. That's such a cute jumper! Also, your bedroom is goals. Your photos still look fab as always :) xxxx -Rachel

  6. One of my favourite online stores is boohoo! They have really nice clothes and I find that whenever I buy from them, they always do a really fast shipping :) xx


  7. I love this jumper and the shoes are fab too! I would never be able to style a jumper like this as well as you can! I agree boohoo is such a fab shop! You can get some great bargains x

  8. This sweater amazing, I love it. It pretty much sums up my life, haha.

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  9. Oh I love this jumper, the slogan would fit me so well haha!
    I hope you're ok lovely, I'm only a DM away. xxx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  10. I love this jumper, perfect for cosy and comfy outfits. Sorry you've been down recently, always here for you if you want a chat

    Emily xx |

  11. This jumper is so cute, oh and the totoros as well xx

    Sophie |


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