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Monthly Loves & Monthly Moments

Wednesday, 2 March 2016
Yay my second instalment of this years monthly loves and my second monthly moments video! This month has been lovely, there's been some awful times were I've been really down due to hormones and OCD etc but on the whole I've been so content and I got the chance to go down to Brighton and visit! I've tried my best to document the whole month, even the extra day and I love the video. I also have the most favourites I've ever had. I've been loving so many things, some more random than others but non the less all great products, so I hope you enjoy!

Daisy Mae Jewellery:
So as you may have seen, I did some photography for Daisy for her website and instagram, so she sent me some pieces and I just love them. I was a big fan of her jewellery before this and I had the Wishbone necklace, a pinky promise bracelet and a anklet after seeing them on Doddleoddle, so when I saw that she needed help with photography I knew I had to take the opportunity. 
Anyway, the jewellery is just silver, dainty jewellery, basically everything I love. I've been wearing every piece so much because they jazz up high neck tops or jumpers so well and just look so cute. I love how she does designs that you don't see in other places and I've especially been loving the Bumble Bee necklace, it's just so dainty and cute!!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation and Hydrating Concealer:
You may have seen me haul these and I've really been loving them. I feel like they give my skin a healthy glow and make me sallow skin look more awake. The foundation provides a hydrating base, which works to even out my skin tone and then the concealer hides all my blemishes, hyper-pigmentation and under eye circles so well. It gives me a flawless look without being heavy and because they hydrate they make my dry skin look less cakey. I was applying them with my Real Techniques buffing brush but after a bad period I switched to my Miracle Complexion sponge as my skin got a bit gross and dry/red so it worked a bit better for those bad skin days. 

Alkamy Lip Balm:
I spoke about this lip balm months ago! I got it from the North East Vegan festival and I've loved it ever since but I've been using it a lot more in February. Its all natural and I got coconut so it smells lovely too! It just hydrates my lips but also it sits on your lips for a while to hydrate and keep a seal over them. It doesn't sink in straight away, which I love because it's more like a treatment. I just find it helps keep my lips fresh and supple rather than flakey and dry. It takes all the dryness away, especially after wearing a matte lipstick all day. I've just sat it on my bedside table and I put it on at night because I wear lipsticks during the day.

YSL Rouge Pur Coutre (The Mats) 204:
I got this lipstick for Christmas and I feel like all the valentines tutorials inspired me to try a red lip in February. I dont celebrate valentines but hey why not be a bit festive with it all?
I love this red because it's more dark and a very true red so it doesn't bring out the pink in my skin, which usually highlights my blemishes and hyper-pigmentation. I apply it with a Real Techniques lip brush to get a perfect application and this way you can build it up to a statement lip of work it in to be more of a light stain, which I prefer for college and it's less maintenance. It does wear off during the day but it lasts for so long, the only time I feel the need to re-apply is if I eat, then it doesn't fade into a stain like it normally would. I just love it and I think it's my perfect red for my blemish prone, red skin!! I finally found it!!
After wearing this I just apply my Alkamy balm in order to restore some moisture because obviously its matte; it's not really drying but to stay on so long it can take some moisture out of your lips so this combo is great.

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Cherry):
I had a bit of an incident in Brighton where I forgot my straighteners; I have horrendously bushy hair so I knew I couldn't go to an open day with a big bush as hair, so I went and got my old faithful dry shampoo. Batiste is fab for those greasy hair days, when you just can't commit to drying or styling or for nights out when you want fresh hair but also want that 2nd day volume. It really saved my gross hair and the cherry scent is fab as a hair perfume! Total saviour. 

Firefly Pomegranate And Elderflower Drink:
Ok so this is probably my most random favourite ever but I had to include it. I know so many people who just get bored of water but we all know we should drink it, so my mam has been buying me this instead. It's basically water with a bit of extra taste; like overly diluted juice but Im one of those people that like really diluted drinks... Anyway, this is fab for if you're like me in that way because it is fresh and hydrating but has a bit of extra something so you dont get bored. Also all the ingredients are fab too. 

You've all probably seen me raving about Tiger this month but here I go again. Tiger is so cheap but stocks some really cool things; it's like one of those shops full of useless things but they are so cute so you feel like you need to buy it all. I've started to collect these cute little people portraits to make a gallery wall with them. They are meant to be the paper that you take out of the frame and you just buy the frame but how could you take these cuties out? Look at them, they just have so much personality, I like my little family of them hahah!
If anyone can think of names?

Music Video: Here

Finally my songs of the moth!

Oh Wonder- Livewire:
I love Oh Wonder, they are like a mix between The XX and Dresses, both bands that I love. I've been listening to their album non stop so I couldn't really choose a favourite song, so instead I shuffled on spotify and this one came on but I have been loving this one. It's a type of song thats repetitive but in a way thats really good to sing along to. I just think they are really chill but still upbeat so perfect for when the weathers gross because you don't have to listen to sad, breakup songs and feel worse, you know not from personal experience or anything..

Rema- Francesca: 
So my friends Grace and Vikki have released a song in their band Rema called Francesca. It's based on a photographer who committed suicide, which sounds morbid but trust me it's not. It's really dream like and experimental but in the best way. I really enjoyed listening to it and I'm so proud of them both, it would mean so much if you gave it a listen!

Jack Garratt- Weathered:
I love Jack Garratt so much, I actually wanted to go and see him in Newcastle but the tickets were sold out, sad times! I just think his voice and style is so unique and his lyrics are great for both meaning and singing a long to. Again, he's really chill but in a dance kind of way! I really recommend him as an artist, I think he's one of those people that most people will like. He's just good, thats all I can say, there's like nothing bad about him. Fangirling over. 

Surprise, surprise Eastbourne is my favourite place of the month. I promise, after Sunday I'll stop talking about how beautiful it is. Literally so much nicer than Brighton, all the houses were so nice and the way the pier lit up at night was magical. I love all ht fairy lights and I just felt so happy there. Definitely a place I'd love to visit again. 

Monthly Moments:

Hope you enjoy and check out my little video of the month!!
What's your favourites of the month?


  1. Yay another Monthly Moment video.:D Your filming and editing skills are amazing. Those necklaces are so beautiful. I love Oh Wonder. They have amazing songs. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  2. I think I discovered Oh Wonder through Connor Franta (or maybe Troye, I´ve forgotten) last summer. I truly adore each song on their album. Their style of music is amazing, yet so different to the mainstream. All of their songs just have a soothing and calming effect on me. I used to listen to them a lot when I was traveling with high anxiety & it helped so much.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  3. I am sorry to hear you haven't had a amazing month becasue of your OCD and that! I am always hear to chat if you need me! We have already discussed how much we love Eastbourne haha but I love the shop tiger to! I wish I bought more when I went last summer! Xx

  4. I love the monthly moments video, its so cute! The necklaces are adorable think I might have to go have a look at them :) lovely post as always xx

    Sophie |

  5. Those people portraits really are adorable! I can see why you love them so much. Great video! :)

    Renee | Lose The Road

  6. Oh my goodness I'm in love with those necklaces! They're so gorgeous!
    And is it just me or does the second guy in your paintings kinda remind you of the guy in 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl haha?!
    Loved this post! :) x

  7. Loved the video again, and those necklaces are beautiful - I may have to make a purchase soon!

    Emily xx |

  8. Lovely post :) I love the Bourjois foundation too, it is definitely the best affordable one I've found! xx

    Bethan Likes

  9. Ahhh, those Daisy Mae pieces look amazing!! I also love batiste dry shampoo I feel like it always does the job pretty well :)

    Kathy xx

  10. Love this post! Your photos are brilliant! The Daisy Mae jewellery is so cute (especially the whale's tail and honey bee) x

    Xtina G Says..

  11. I absolutely love that dry shampoo, it smells so amazing! Your photos are so pretty and I love the bag that you're carrying in the last photo.

    Amanda |


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