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Let's Talk: Tips For Happiness

Sunday, 20 March 2016

I feel like the new year starts off with so much motivation and then you hit a bit of a bump in the middle. Like now I feel a bit lost and confused but I've been putting myself first for the past few weeks and I wanted to share some of my key points that have been keeping me happy.

1. Spring Cleaning.

Ok this point can mean 2 things; clean out the negativity in your life and give your messy room a clean! 
Recently I've been cleaning out. I've made big decisions to cut negativity in my life out; maybe that means losing people and that really hurts but in the long run it will be ok. I mean it's hard to and I dont think I've quite accepted in all yet but I know that you can't stick around to be hurt. I think making moves to look at yourself and see what you need is ok. I mean I still feel like it's maybe not the right choice but everything happens for a reason and you have to accept that. Just because it makes you down doesn't mean you should accept that though. Negativity holds no place in your life, you don't need it there and if it is then cut it out. Negativity brings you down, so by cutting it out it gives you space to think for yourself and have a more open mind.
Also cleaning out your room. I find that getting rid of the gross floor-drobe I have is one way to make myself happier but also just changing things up. Whether that be changing out old photos or buying a new plant. Little changes to make your room a nicer place always works. I know that my room is where I spend 99% of my time so making it a nicer place to be in works wonders for my mood, so change your sheets, hang up your clothes and add some nice little mood lifters in!

2. Be Productive.

I know that this is easier said than done but trust me, getting up and getting ready for the day works. I know I've got mountains of revision to do, which isn't the top of my list at the moment but not doing it makes me stressed so I think it's better to just get on with it. It's hard when you're sad to put your mind onto things other than the things making you sad and that takes time to get over. I've had so many days were I just can't focus and it scares me because it's damaging my future but at the moment I have to think of me. Little and often works well, I do revision when I'm in a good place and watch shit TV shows when I'm not. I think productivity is all about balance; don't pull yourself down by getting too stressed but when you know you can, do it all!! 

3. Get Out The House.

I've started to dislike weekends because I have to fill all my time myself, which can be intimidating. I mean on the week days I have college and I'm constantly busy, so weekends can be a bit scary. I think you just need to set a plan, know what you want to do and try your best to do it. As I say, getting out of bed and doing stuff can be a bit of an effort when you don't feel up to it but just going for a walk or out with friends can really lift your mood. I know I've been going for drives or drinks out recently, it just gets me out of the house and out of my slump. It's perfect if you're a blogger too because you could go out for a bit of a photography day! Make plans with people or enjoy your own company outside because it helps to clean your mind.

4. Look To Your Future. 

I know when I feel down I get a bit consumed in my slump and feel like I just want to nap till it's over. As I say, I've been finding revision really hard but I know that the revision is making a difference to my future so I have to do it. I think setting out your goals and plans for the future can really help to take your mind out of the present and give you something else to focus on. We all have plans, even if you don't like to admit that you want to be a millionaire with some alpacas, we all have future plans and putting your effort in to reaching them can definitely help you find happiness in your present situation. It gives you motivation and something to look forward to. So start making the pinterest boards and get that revising done and watch your mind set become less consumed by your slump.

5. Listen To Good Songs.

We all have a different definition of a 'good song' but it's definitely something that can bring you happiness. Instead of putting on that sad song, that may describe everything your feeling but doesn't help, put on more upbeat and happy song on. I know that if I add more negativity to my mood then there's no way I can expect to be happy. I've been loving Oh Wonder, Troye Sivan, Dresses and LANY at the moment because they are just more upbeat and nice to listen to. It definitely cheers me up and takes my mind of my current situation. 

6. The Blogging Community And Friends.

The blogging community is huge and full of lovely people. I know as soon as I mentioned that I'd been having a hard time all of my friends where there for me and have been ever since. I know I can talk to them whenever, I think it's important to know that both blogging and real life friends are there for you and it's ok to ask for help. Just being on Twitter and joining in chats when I'm not revising can instantly lift my mood. I love reading everyones post, seeing them on instagram and just being around friends. Surrounding yourself with happy people, who care is so important. I've been distantly lately but I know they are still there and I think it just helps knowing that. 

I hope you're happy! What are your key tips?


  1. Great tips! Definitely needed to read this right now <3

    Renee | Lose The Road

  2. Lovely tips! Getting out of the house is so important. Even if you really don't want to or can't be bothered, it's something to do and a bit of fresh air can make you feel so much better x

    Lauren |

  3. I loved this Sophie, the post definitely didn't disappoint me haha. I basically agree with all the points you've mentioned, especially being productive & getting out of the house can really improve your mood I think :) I always find myself being very happy on days where I get a lot done but also take the time to take a break and go on a walk or something. I hope you'll have a good week full of happiness x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  4. I absolutely love the blogging community - it makes me so happy when I read comments and other peoples posts!


  5. I love this post! I agree with all of these points! At this time of year everyone feels the strain, it's difficult to stay on top of everything! I know I am finding it hard! But at least in two months it will all be over!
    Ps: you are sooooo pretty and I love your room x

  6. I love the list, I completely can relate to this so much. I have definitely hit a bump in the road, and I just feel slumped.
    I like the last one, getting online to everyone in the blogging community really helps motivate me! I love the relationships I have made online, it is like we all push each other to reach our potentials!

    xoxo Lex // LexMeetsWorld

  7. Such a sweet post :) Getting out of the house and doing some spring cleaning have definitely helped me with feeling more happy and motivated. And of course the fact that the days are finally getting lighter and there's actual sunlight gets me in such a great mood!

  8. Hi Sophie. Great tips, thanks for sharing. I wrote a post on happiness a couple of weeks ago. You might find it helpful?

  9. wau that's so awesome article love it

  10. Lovely post Sophie, getting out out the house and good tunes are my faves - makes such a difference to get some fresh air, sunshine and be lifted up by a banging playlist! Sending hugs x Immy x

  11. I should really use some of these tips ^_^ Lovely post Sophie xx

    Sophie |

  12. So many helpful tips, I'm glad that you've been putting yourself first too :) I like to take time for myself when I need to rein in the happiness again, before spending time with friends

    Emily xx |


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