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Let's Talk: Personal Style And Confidence

Friday, 25 March 2016

I've never really spoke about personal style but I think it's so important, especially for me! I mean I love fashion and style but I wouldn't say I'm really on trend or anything, I think it's all about enjoying it and having your own personality within it. Trends are fun and your own trends are fun, I just wanted to talk about enjoying your own style and being confident within it. 

I think the idea of personal style has really changed with the rise of blogging, I mean you no longer look at celebrities and see the trends everywhere constantly, no you can see personal style, street style and everything in-between. I know blogging/vlogging has really inspired me to be more open with things I like and be more confident wearing cactus shirts instead of sticking to feeling as if I have to wear a certain thing to fit in. 

I always remember feeling like I couldn't really go out and wear the clothes I liked because I thought people would take the piss out of me and think that it was weird because it wasn't a neon crop top and highwaisted jeans, wow I sound so old but this was like year 6/7. Anyway, I soon realised how boring this was because I didn't like what everyone else was wearing but I also didn't like what I was wearing. 

I wouldn't say personal style is something you need to fuss about too much. I mean trends are fun and staple pieces are core but there's also the twist that you put on them, which is yours. I mean I love the 70's trend now but I know it's just not me to go all for it but my friend Grace loves it and she pulls off all the suede and the patterns because it's her thing. I just feel like you can wear anything you want and make it yours. Sticking with the 70's trend; I know I like more tailored things because they flatter me more, so I go with the 70's feel because it's interesting but I wear it in a more subtle way. For example a flared sleeved top and tailored shorts. Personal style is your thing and you can do whatever you want with what you wear. 

I feel like the most important thing is knowing what you like and being confident within it. If you love cats and want to wear and outfit with cats all over it, that's your thing and you don't need to hide that. Follow trends if thats what you like but if you dont, you dont need to worry. I love looking at peoples outfits because I feel like you get an idea of their personality; it's creative and I love seeing people being a bit out there with it all. I know for me blogging has opened me up to being more creative with my outfits. I'm shy so I know I'm never going to be really outrageous with my style but that goes with my personality. I like cute printed shirts and novelty pieces and other people might like black and white or bright coloured outfits. I dont think it matters as long as you feel good in what you're wearing. Clothes are just an extension of you, so have fun with it all! 

What's your opinion on personal style?


  1. I love your blouse and necklace they're both so pretty. My personal style used to be pretty but kind of dorky. I'd love to team up a pretty floaty dress with my converse, satchel & glasses. Since becoming pregnant my personal style has kind of flown out the window. I can't find any cute maternity clothes that reflect my style.

    Roxie | The Beautiful Bluebird

  2. Firstly your photography is just goals. My personal style is quite girly/preppy I guess, and I used to hate liking the clothes that I did so I'm happy that having grown up I feel confident to wear what I want

    Emily xx |

  3. Lovely photos! I feel like my personal style changes all the time, it depends on my mood :) xx

  4. What a beautifully written post! I used to wear colour, nothing bright or in your face, but I used to like picking a piece & colour co-ordinate everything else around it. I used to love wearing colours, but then started to feel self conscious about it. I liked the monotone look too, so moved more towards this. While I liked it still, I didn't feel quite like myself. You've inspired me to pull those coloured pieces out again. Thank you. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

  5. I have wanted to develop my personal style for awhile now and I remember I used to try so hard to force a certain type of look on myself. I find that as I have grown up, my personal style has just developed on it's our without having to force it :)

    Kathy x

  6. This is such a lovely post! I agree with what you say! It's best to be comfortable and happy with what you are wearing then trying to follow trends. I rarely follow trends nor do I have my own style. I where all sorts of things and I am fine with that, it makes fashion more fun X

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  7. I recently read this quote which I loved. It said "personal style begins with the confidence to wear what you love, despite what others say or think" & your post really reminded me of it :) I definitely agree with everything you said x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

  8. I definitely agree with everything you said here, Sophie! I think i'm finally coming to terms with my personal style and I'm 23! haha oops. Oh, well. I think it's so important to wear what YOU like and not what others think you should wear. It's about feeling confident in your own skin.

    Lee -

  9. Ooo lovely photos <3 My personal style is always changing depending on my mood ahha I've always been shy as well, not helped with my sister always looking fab following all the trends, but blogging has definitely brought me out my shell. I think I have my own style now xxx

    Sophie |


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