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GRWM: Everyday Spring Look (Part 1)

Sunday, 27 March 2016

Okay, so Spring is one of my favourite seasons because it's that lovely in-between weather. Not too hot but still sunny and bright, which puts me in the best of moods. 
Anyway, as always I start my day off in my favourite place, my bed. Since spring is full of revision days and the easter holidays, it usually means that I dont move from my bed for quite a while. I usually laze around playing on snapchat or doing blog things until I get the motivation to get up and revise. 
When I do decide to get up, I do my makeup and then go back to bed for a bit to start work. I can't work till I've done my makeup so minimal is best for me. I put a light layer of my Bourjois foundation and concealer; they just give a really nice coverage but they blend so quickly, which saves time for me. Then I put a bit of a peachy colour on my eyes with a dark brown in the crease. I find that this defines my eyes but in a more spring way. I add my usual cat eye but I only add it to half my eye. Firstly, because this is quicker and secondly because it opens my eyes up a bit more and gives them a more rounded look. If you struggle with winged liner, try applying your mascara first because it gives you a base line to follow. 
I add more blush that my average looks because that makes me feel more spring like and awake. Then for a pop of easy colour, I add my YSL lipstick in HERE. It's this lovely balm, lipstick in a light red colour. It's perfect for spring because it adds a hint of red/coral which helps to wake up your complexion but in an easy to wear way. It fades off gradually and leaves a nice stain, so you dont have to constantly re-apply. This is definitely a spring favourite, especially paired with a pink lip liner for a more coral look. Perfect if you have small lips, like me, because it just defines your lips a bit more. 

Tune in for part 2, which will be my everyday transitional outfits!
How do you switch up your routine for spring? 


  1. Lovely post and I'm excited for the next instalment! Your room is so lovely. So fresh and modern. I love it. xx

    Lauren |

  2. I love reading posts like these and I cant wait for the next one. You look so pretty! x


  3. You have created such a lovely look and the lip shade is perfect :)

    Kathy x

  4. Lovely post! Spring is defenitely my favourite season because the weather can be really warm but not too warm! I still can't get over how nice your room is- you make me want to decorate mine so much xxx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

  5. I love this lip colour <3 I don't tend to change much up for the spring, maybe a lighter lip colour, since I love darker colours during winter. Lovely post as always xx

    Sophie |

  6. First off, how cute is your bedroom! Secondly, I love love love that lip colour - I'm desperate to try the YSL lipstick, I think I may have to ask for it as a birthday present. Lovely post!

    Jess x |


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