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Style Snippet: Pinafore And Cacti

Tuesday, 16 February 2016
I've been seeing pinafores everywhere lately, from cord to denim, so I knew I had to style my old one up and what better way than with a cute cactus print?

Pinafore: Topshop
Shirt: ASOS

This was one of those outfits that I put together and I was just like 'YES!!!' I absolutely love it!
I just thought it all went together so well and I felt really good in it, which is always a bonus. 

This Cactus shirt is from ASOS and it's became my most worn item, I love it. It's got a western vibe because of the piping and collar style and thats something a bit different for me. I really like that about it though, it has a bit of a different look and isn't something everyone has. Obviously the main reason I bought it was for the cute print, I mean anything with cacti on, I have to buy. Maybe it's an obsession but I'm totally fine with that! 
I've been seeing pinafores everywhere lately, so I pulled this out of the back of my wardrobe and styled it up. They are so great to style and they are so versatile. I really love denim ones because it's like a classic jeans outfit with a twist so it just makes it really easy to style.

What's you throwback fashion piece? 


  1. I need this shirt! I have an obsession with cacti hahaha. Great post!

  2. You look so cute. I really like this denim pinafore. I can't really think about my throwback fashion piece. Maybe my denim shirt. It has that retro vibe. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. This is a lovely outfit post! I love denim pinafores. I'm always wearing mine haha. They're so easy to style and so versatile. You've styled yours so perfectly x

    Lauren |

  4. Love this look!!! I always love when you wear your cactus shirt. I recently got a cactus! I thought you'd be proud haha

    Lee -

  5. I love this outfit! It looks so good on you, I love pinafores but everytime I wear one I just feel and look like I'm back at school

    Emily x |

  6. I am obsessed with pinafores at the moment - they are so comfy and easy to wear, you can't really go wrong. And your shirt is gorgeous! I absolutely this outfit, you look lovely x


  7. I love this look, I'd totally wear something like this! The Cacti blouse is so cute along with the pinafore. I also love the red lipstick you chose!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  8. This is SO adorable. I wish I had small enough brests to wear this (without looking like a mom of a hoochie). Grrr. Nice touch with the cacti :)

  9. I love this outfit as always! That shirt is just ardorable! I also am very jealous of you being able to get really good outfit photos indoors and in the winter! Round of applause for Sophie!!!! Xxx

  10. This outfit is so cute <3 I feel like I'm the only one not into the pinafore tend. Lovely post as always xx

    Sophie |

  11. Your cacti top is absolutely gorgeous, hon! It looks beautiful on you and it's SO YOU :) I have tried on pinafores but still not sure if it's my thing. I do love the dress on you!
    p.s. We must get back to our ideas as to a little collab! I am sorry it hasn't worked out yet (last few months were quite a rollercoaster of stress but gotta get back on track!!). Tweet me any time sweetie <3
    xox Nadia

  12. This outfit is so cute! I'm in love with that shirt...

  13. This look is so adorable ! How cute is the cacti print ! I need something like that in my life hehe! Also I love pinafores .. I bought on over the weekend and I am obsessed ! They are such a fab styling piece !!

    Great post lovely and I also love your lipstick so so much !!

  14. You're so pretty! I adore that shirt and pinafore, they go so well together! xx -Rachel

  15. Your hair always looks so lovely! It's a gorgeous style up of the pinafore!
    Eve @ Pen & Key <3

  16. Such a cute outfit! <3

  17. Thsi outfit is gorgeous! I love the pinafore trend and really love how you styled this Topshop one! Lydia Eve, xx


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