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Style Snippet: Botanical Lace

Thursday, 18 February 2016
I love a bit of lace in an outfit and of course, you all know I love anything to do with cacti and plants, so this was the perfect time to mix it into a Style Snippet!

Hat: New Look
Top: Urban Outfitters
Coat: Topshop 
Scarf: New Look
Jeans: Topshop Leighs
Bag: Topshop

I feel like in all these photos you can tell I'm actually so small, hahah!! Yeah still haven't grown past 5ft yet...

This is an outfit I always used to wear in college, it was my go to but then I stopped as I kind of fell out of love with it. However when I planned to go to the Winter Gardens in Sunderland, I thought the rose lace was a really nice touch to go with all the plants. The top is just this sheer lace, long sleeve top that I pair with a black vest. I think the black coming through highlights the lace pattern more and  you get to see more of the details, which I love. It also goes with that monochrome look really well. Whenever I think of monochrome I think of Nicole (ThriftyVintage) ahha hello!!!!
Anyway, I have my usual Leigh jeans on because they are so comfy!! If you're stuck on which Topshop style to go for I'd always say either Joni's or Leigh's; Joni's if you want a highwaist but if not 100% go for the Leigh's. They are a normal mid rise jean but the fabric is so soft and stretchy so you feel like you're wearing some nice leggings. They aren't unflattering like leggings can sometimes be though because they are slightly thicker.
Then I have my blazer on because I think it just adds a smarter look and makes me look less like a 12 year old, hahah! I think blazers are just a staple in anyones wardrobe because you can dress them up or down and they go with everything! I love the grey, check look this one had because it reminds me of Tweed and it just a bit less harsh than fully black. 
I wore my New Look tartan scarf to add a pop of colour and it matches my hat so well! I've saw this scarf on everyone lately and I always smile at people like 'I like your scarf ;)' but I dont think they get it..
My necklace is from Daisy Mae. I did some photography for her recently and I'll be doing a review on the pieces because I love them. They are totally my style; simple and silver. This one is a mermaid tail and I love how quirky it is, I've never seen one like it. I thought it added a lovely detail to the outfit. 

Hope you enjoyed this post! Whats been your go to outfit?


  1. This is such a pretty look, the lace really does stand out with the black underneath. Also that necklace is so cute!

    Emily x |

  2. This really is a perfect outfit for going to college or some other laid back activities. I love to visit beautiful Gardens. Your photography is so beautiful.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. Its a great casual outfit, I love tartan scarfs, they are my daily staple

    Elaine - Some Of My Favourite Things

    1. Thank you so much!! Same I wear them all the time haha, they are so fab though!XX

  4. Always love your outfit posts! The necklace is adorable xx -Rachel

  5. This is a really cute outfit and a lovely location! I've actually been wanting to do some outfit photos in a botanical gardens of some kind but haven't been to any yet!

  6. Lovely outfit as always Sophie! :) I really like your shirt, it's so pretty x

    Sara /

  7. You're very beautiful! I love your scarf and necklace. Anything tartan just makes me so happy!

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  8. I just discovered your blog and I am quite hooked and obsessed!! I love the look of soft delicate lace with the coat and the plaid scarf! Great photos btw, such a pro haha! Lovely post, I really enjoyed reading this :)

    Kathy xx

  9. Aw I love this outfit!!! It's so pretty! If I am honest you are uploading to much so you are exhausting my adjective list for me to describe how stunning each outfit is you wear! Haha, what am I saying! please don't stop uploading blog posts as frequently!

    As regards to monochrome, I think every outfit I wear is monochrome! No jokes, 80% of my wardrobe is monochrome! I will have to do more outfit posts when it gets warmer because I have acquired a lot more monochrome pieces since last summer!!

  10. Outfit goals!!! Love the lace, never really tried styling lace, think I'll have to at some point in the future after seeing how well you make it work xx

    Sophie |

  11. Really nice outfit! And the photos are so amazing!
    Loving your blog <3

  12. I absolutely LOVE your outfit.. it is definitely my go to.. Topshop Leighs, an oversized blazer and a huge tartan scarf!! Also.. I am only 5 foot too girly ha! I don't think I will ever get taller than that hehe.. short girl problems!!


  13. Some beautiful photos! Your outfit is lovely, you look great! I really like your top! xxx

    Jasmine ||

  14. Cute outfit, I really like the location these photos were taken in too. I've never tried any style jeans from topshop other than their Joni jeans.


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