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Square Snaps Review: LFW Black Polaroid Style

Sunday, 21 February 2016

You may have seen ages ago I did a review of the white polaroids from Square Snaps. They are my go to print company and I trust them to print out all my scrapbook snaps. They asked me if I wanted to try out their black polaroid style as it's a big campaign in honour of London Fashion week, so of course I said yes and here's my little review and how I like to present them. 

(Link to polaroid snaps)
I wanted to make my review as coherent as possible as I know I can go off on little tangents, so I'm trying ahah!
I ordered my photos online and I went for the 34 black polaroids (usually £9.99). I decided to choose blog photos and personal photos as I have a blog scrapbook and a personal one. I just uploaded the photos from my computer, but you can upload from instagram too, and then I was done. I have to say the website is really easy to use and not stressful, which is great because I hate it when you forget something and can't go back and change things without losing everything!! They give you a page were you can review your photos and this is were they allow you to crop and scale the photos, I'd say you should take time at this stage and just make sure everything you want is in the frame. If you're using Instagram photos this should be fine as it's the instagram square but if not just take a look and make sure they all fit in the frame right.
They offer free 1st class postage and thats why I first ordered with them; I dont like ordering from places that make you pay stupid amounts for postage. I ordered on the night of 16th of February and they arrived on the 18th, so you never have to wait ages and they come in a super cute package. 
The snaps themselves are great quality for the price you pay. I know some companies are overly expensive for this service because they do all these fancy boxes and paper but I think square snaps are fab anyway. The paper is thick and shiny, which I like for my book, I find matte photos to look a bit cheep. And at each end of the pack of photos they give you a piece of cardboard; I never understood this till I looked more closely but it just protects your photos and the ink. I'm such a clumsy person and whenever I print my own photos I always rub the ink so I think its great that they add this extra precaution to make sure your photos are how you ordered. I ordered off another company before and some of my photos didnt come at the same quality I printed them in but these always do, even the mini ones. I print out my SLR photos and I want scared that the quality wouldn't be as good but they are perfect. 
As I said, I was unsure about the black style because I'm so used to seeing the classic white but I actually love them way more. I'll definitely be printing more like this. They are so chic and a bit different, which I love and they dont show dirt as much as the white. As I said, I'm clumsy so I often smudge things or have to restick things in my scrapbook so black if perfect if you're like that. I also think mixing the black and white style will look really cool, especially for a monochrome page or room! They snaps are white on the back so you can easily write on there if you like to add dates or stories like me or you can use tip-ex or white marker to do the classic date on the front. 
(Black Polaroids: Here)
You can also get a 16% discount code using SLLAW16

I'm going to show you 2 ways I like to present my snaps! These are all the things I used; a plank of wood, scissors, garden string, vintage paper clips and double sided tape.

For this first DIY all I did was choose a set of three images that went well together. Then I positioned them in a way I liked; I put two similar ones on the outside and then the portrait in the middle to split it up and left a 3 finger gap between each. I added the clips to the top of the photo to make it look as if they were holding it to the wood and it gives that industrial look. All you do is stick a bit of double sided tape to the back of the photo and stick it to the wood, simple as that. I think it looks a lot more effective than you'd think given the little effort it takes. I really love how it turned out because it has a really vintage, industrial look and the black polaroid style really enhances this. 

This second way is basically the same but it has that traditional bunting look that you often see on pinterest when searching for polaroids. All I did was hammer a nail into each side of the wood, then I tied one end to the nail and threaded the paper clips through and tied the other end. Then you just add the photos that you want and it's done. I think this is really cute and you could layer it up with a few bits of string and more snaps. You could also add fairy lights in-between to make it a little more jazzy. I think it's a really great way to upcycle something old and it's a great way to organise your memories. I just thought it would be a bit of fun and I really like how it turned out.

What's your favourite way to present them?
What do you think of the black polaroids?
Hope you enjoyed this post!!
Hope you enjoy the discount code and if you get any make sure to show me!!! (Especially if you scrapbook or present them some how, I'd love to see)


  1. These look so good, think I'm going have to order myself some. I really want to do some DIYs like the hanging string one xx

    Sophie |

  2. Love the polaroids, definitely going to have to order some as they just look so cute. Also both ways you presented them are so lovely, and different to just sticking them up on the walls

    Emily x |

  3. Your pictures are always so amazing and I love the way you presented them. I've wanted to peg polaroids up onto a piece of string for so long, might actually get round to it one day haha!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  4. Aw these are so cool! I thought everyone that had Polarid pictures had a Polarid camera I didn't know you could get a company to do it for you! I need to see more of this scrap book because it just sounds amazing!! I am trying to capture more of the things I do this month! Scrap booking is definitely something that would interest me x

  5. The black polaroids are so pretty and really unique- I really like the idea you put forward of mixing them with the classic white ones as well! Great post x

    Celeste |


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