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Year In Recap And 2016 Goals

Sunday, 3 January 2016

I thought I'd just do this little update post to outline the best parts about 2016 and all the things I want to achieve in 2016.

So 2015 has been a great year for me. Nothing has particularly happened that has defined it as an amazing year but I've been content with everything. 
Firstly, the year started with my amazing friends. It was the first year that I sole had my own friendship group and I'd left the negative people in 2014. They were nice people but as a group, I just felt odd and it wasn't for me, so I made the decision to stop and do what makes me happy. I think it's the best thing you can do; if a friendship isn't working, it's not bitchy to stop, it's what is good for you. I mean, I have the best friend I could wish for (Grace) and the best group surrounding us and it just makes me so happy.
Then the summer brought exams and results day. It was bittersweet because I was 3 marks off an A in politics, which was gutting, and now I have to work extra hard to keep up the grades this year. However, after being struck with anxiety on the day, I was proud that I sat the exam and got the grade I did. Also results meant that the summer had started and I could drop Philosophy and ethics. I hated it and it made me dread going to college, so to be able to drop this and carry on photography was a really positive decision for me. 
Summer also brought mine and Lukkes 3 year anniversary and out first holiday. Obviously no one expects a couple who got together at 14 to be still together at 17/18 so for me it was a lovely thing to celebrate. Going on our first little travel, to Edinburgh was so fun and it made me fall in love with the city. We stayed in a little flat and for 3 days hunted out the free activities and we loved it. 
This also brought me to start my blog. I felt so inspired to start my little creative space and it's allowed me to build up my confidence and meet some amazing people in the community!

2016 Goals:

1: Maintain My Blog.
I have a few blog goals so they all fall under this category.
I really want to make my OOTD's and Style Snippets better by going to different locations when possible. I just want to make them more interesting and more my style of photography.
I also want to cut my posts down to around 2 a week, Wednesdays and Sundays, just so I have more time to revise and still maintain quality content. I think in Summer I will go back to posting more but at the moment I need to focus of getting my grades up.
I want to create better social media for my blog because I think that I often forget to update twitter and instagram, so I want to up my social media game. Then, finally, I want to be more personal on my blog. I've worked on this and I think I'm getting better at it but I also want to start a new Lets Talk series and branch out into some personal, lifestyle content, as well as fashion.

2: Go To Uni!
So a main goal in my life is to go to uni and this is the year that it should happen. I just need to get the grades. So far I have 5 offers from Brighton, Edinburgh Napier, Lancaster, York St John and Uni of York. I decided to chose the uni's that had the best course, instead of going off leagues and I'm totally happy with all my decisions and would love to go to any of them. I just need to work hard this year and hopefully in September I'll be making blog posts all about moving out and uni room tours.

3: Travel.
Travelling is a big life goal in general but I've made a goal to visit at least 2 new places. I have a trip to Brighton and Hastings booked for February and we are in the middle of booking a group holiday to Prague, so I want these things to happen and to make the most out of them! I love travelling but it costs a lot, so I'll make some posts closer to the time about how I cut costs while travelling. I just want to see new things and do different things.

4: Put Effort Into Things I want. 
I'm such a push over and I let people walk all over me, so a big goal of mine is to say 'no' and start putting my effort into the things I want to do. I'm always trying to make others happy and living for what other people want and it's hard. I need to put myself first and start making decisions for me. I want to put more effort into my blog and create posts I'm proud to tell my friends about; I want to reach our 4 year anniversary and have a nice trip to celebrate; I want to maintain long distance friendships; I want to create a beautiful scrapbook and take the time to create, and most of all,  I just want to have fun doing the things I want to do.

Hope you enjoyed this more chatty post! What are your 2016 goals and what were the best bits of 2015?
Also, I'll have a style snippet on this look soon!


  1. Your year sounds like it's been lovely. Keeping up with my blog throughout this year is something I definitely want to do as well! x


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  3. Good luck with your uni plans! I remember how daunting it all was for me and it's scary to think that I'm graduating this year! I have a Student Life Series running on my blog where I talk about different aspects of student life if you fancy taking a look :)

    Katie from

  4. Such a nice post look over the year, glad you got rid of negativity. Fingers crossed with uni, it's always best to go by what you think than league tables I think xx

  5. This is such a lovely post! I hope you have a another amazing year! Your blog has grown so much this year and I feel like I have watched it along the way, which is so cute! Definitely do what you want to do as regards to your blog, leave it for weeks and go and dive in to revision so you can smash those exams! We will support you on every step of the way! Much love x

  6. Aww good luck Soph! I know you can do it with uni :) keep thinking positive and you'll find your find soon - I know exams seem daunting now, but take it as an experience to the widdeeeer world that is yet to come!

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

  7. Your 2015 sounded lovely, good luck with all your goals for this year x

    Sophie |

  8. So glad 2015 treated you well, hon. 2016 is going to rock and be even better! Exciting times about going to the Uni!! It's all behind me, and I do think I had the best the university experience :)
    Love the goals for 2016 & your determination <3 Go, Sophie!!
    p.s. loving the new layout! I am still playing with mine as well, trying to find what I like the most. I'm sure it will take a while and many templates until I am satisfied. And then we will probably start over lol.
    xox Nadia


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