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Sunday, 31 January 2016

So January disappeared in a blink? It went so unexpectedly fast and now it's February (tomorrow) and I dont really know how to feel about that? I thought I'd do my usual Monthly Loves, where I share all the things I've been loving and reveal my exciting project!!

Beauty Product:
So I got quite a few lipsticks for Christmas because they are just my favourite makeup items and I've been loving Plumful. It's became my favourite lipstick to wear and I think I've worn it nearly everyday. It's such an easy one to wear because it's so creamy on the lips but it still adds a slightly purple look. I love purple tones on me because they dont wash me out as much as pinks. It's definitely a colour I'd recommend to anyone because you can build it up or leave it quite sheer, so I think it would suit anyone. 
Clothing Item:
An outfit of the day should be coming soon on this item.
I've been loving this ASOS Cacti shirt, I mean you all know how much I love cacti, so when I saw this I was like YES!!! I had to snap it up. It's in this western theme, with the harsh trim and cut of the shirt and then it's covered in all these small cacti. I thought it was lovely because they aren't too in your face but they are a bit different to a normal dotted pattern. It's really became a staple in my wardrobe because it's so classy but fun.

Song Of The Month:
I've been revising a lot this month so I've needed a song that will not distract me but will also make me work fast. I prefer songs to have a bit more of a beat so that I don't get tired. I've been loving Tom Odell Zwette edit of Another Love. It's calm enough to revise to but it still had that beat that keeps me working fast. I just love Tom Odell, I always come back to him and listen to him non stop and it's that time again. I just think his musics so thoughtful and you can really hear his emotions but it's still something that I can belt out in the shower, hahah!

Favourite Place:
The Pier. It was hard to choose between the woodlands or the pier but I have to say that the January Blues shoot was one of my favourites I've ever done. I'm so proud of that post and I love the photos that go with it. They are everything I imagined and it's great to have that feeling after writing a post.

Favourite Youtube:
I thought I'd add this in because I've really fell out of love with Youtube. (I may write a post about this). I just feel like a lot of the Youtubers I used to love just make no real effort with their content and a lot of the time my subscription box is empty. This is why I've fell in love with blogging because even if I dont seem active, I'm always checking up on my favourite bloggers and there's always something new and interesting to read. 
I thought I'd try and give a Youtuber I love in case any of you are feeling the same way. I've been loving the Sims community. I love building on Sims and this community are just amazing, some of the builders are so talented. I really love watching speed builds and I actually get so inspired by them. I mean you won't like this favourite unless you like Sims but who doesn't like Sims??
I love Deligracy, Simsfied, TheSimsSupply, Steph0Sims and TheDutchSims4Master.

Ok it's time to show you my secret project!! I'm actually quite nervous but here we go. 
I love watching all the Time Of The Month series because they are like a video scrapbook. I love my scrapbook but you can't capture everything on paper so I thought I'd give video scrapbooking a go. I love Hazel's style were it's more like a vlog but I'm too shy for that so I thought I'd go down the route of Mitchell Davis' 1 second a day videos. So each clip is one second and I tried to capture the best parts of the day but also the little things that I may not document otherwise. 
In the video you get to see behind the scenes of me blogging and day to day things like food shopping or days outs. I really hope you enjoy it and will stick around for more every month.

Hope you enjoy and I'd love to hear your feedback!!


  1. That pier looks like such a great place to escape and just think... I wish I lived near water.

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

    1. It is really lovely but a bit scary haha! I always forget people dont live near water XX

  2. This is such a lovely idea Sophie! :) I'm looking forward to seeing more of these little videos in my subscription box. Hope you're having a lovely day x

    1. Aw thank you so so much! Thats made my day XX

  3. That cacti shirt is amazing, looking forward to seeing the outfit!
    Your new video idea is great! :) x

    Bethan Likes

  4. I've loved so much the 1 second a day video Sophie! Can't wait to see more! xx

  5. Your one second a day video is amazing! x


  6. Sophie your lil secret project is amazing! Why are you the cutest human bean ever? I'm already excited to see next month's!

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Awww Kat thank you so much, that made me smile aw XX

  7. Your project is super duper cute and whimsical - I love it, I think I have an app for that which compiles it for me but I got too lazy hahaha! But yours is wonderful and I absolutely think you're rocking that cacti shirt too! SO CUTE.

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

    1. Aww thank you so much Cherie!! XX

  8. I definitely need to have a look at Plumful. It sounds just like my type of lipstick!!
    I love this One Second A Day Project! I´ve recently heard Mitchell Davis talk about it in a podcast and I was very intrigued from that moment on. I actually feel like my life might be a bit too boring for it and it sounds like a lot of stress because when do I know that this is the one second of the day that I want to keep?! But I love that you´ve gone through with it! It looks really great
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

    1. It is so lovely!!!! Thank you so much! It's quite hard when I'm have a nothing day because there isn't really anything to capture but I'm trying not to be overly strict with it XX

  9. I love your one second a day video, it's such a nice little idea!

    Rachel // Bright Lights

  10. I think the video is an amazing way to keep memories, as photos are great, but your idea helps you to really relive those memories, and that'll be amazing to do in the longer term! I might have to try it out as it's really a great idea!I also love your shirt as well - it's so cute!
    Hope you're having a nice day!
    Georgia xxx

  11. Oh my god that video is proper beautiful absolutely love the idea of it! I have to do it! So sweet! Also gorgeous post and beautiful photographs! Thank you for stopping by my blog xxx

  12. Ah this is amazing! Love the post, and the video to go along side it is such a cute idea. Can't wait for more

    Emily xx |


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