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#ILeftMyHeartIn | Why Edinburgh Stole My Heart

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

I was approached to write a post all about my favourite city by GetYourGuide. It was an email about a competition, which I usually ignore, but I saw this one and actually really wanted to enter. I never usually do but I thought why not? So of course I want to speak about Edinburgh.

Background Of The Trip:
Okay so me and my boyfriend, Lukke, decided that we wanted to go on a little city break last summer. We managed to plan a full trip to Edinburgh in a week and it was the best 3 days ever! Obviously me and Lukke were only 17 so we didn't have loads of money to spend on this trip and the train tickets took up a lot of money, so we managed to hun down a little 1 bedroom apartment and travel there in a week of thinking of it. The apartment was actually so lovely, it was opposite the castle so we had an amazing view and we got to hear the concert from the castle for free! It was so exciting for us to travel alone and be able to stay in such an amazing spot for so cheap.
Things I Loved:
Edinburgh was our first holiday together and there was so many little things that happened there that made me leave a bit of my heart there.
Firstly living with Lukke. He basically lives with my now but being in our own little place and going out to get our food shop together and cooking breakfast and dinner was just so special. It sounds really daft but it was one of those little things that you really appreciate. 
I also loved visiting Scottish Parliament. I dont speak about politics much on my blog but it is one of my passions and I have to say I much prefer Scottish politics over British politics. The building is so modern and it has amazing curves with copper. I just loved it and it was one of those places no one else would've came with me because it's 'boring'.
One of my favourite place that we went was Arthurs Seat. It's the highest point in Edinburgh and I'd highly recommend giving it a visit. I'm not going to lie and say that it's really easy to climb... I had to stop for a breath quite a few times and the path isn't all the clear but the view is 100% worth it. You can see right out to the sea and right across to the castle. It's absolutely amazing and I can't wait to go back. If we were being totally honest, I think I left my heart at Arthurs Seat.
Another thing I loved was how we could do so many free things in the city and still have an amazing time. We visited all the sights and museums and it was so fun going around. I actually love going to museums and art galleries and I think it;s great to create your own fun in them and lets just say there is a lot of embarrassing photos of me doing weird poses with Jesus art.

My Recommendations:
Visit Marys Milkbar. It's an old fashioned ice cream shop in Old Town and it's amazing. I had salted caramel and peanut butter. OMG never tasted anything better.
Take a visit to all the free sights and walk!! Edinburgh is an amazing city to see on foot because theres so many interlinking alleys and staircases. You can go down almost any and somehow find yourself in the place you wanted to be, so ditch the Goolge Maps and just have a wander. This way you get to see a lot more and get a real feel of the city.

Me and Lukke are already booking our next visit for our Anniversary and I can't wait to be back.
Hope you enjoyed this post! Whats your favourite destination?


  1. Oh, this trip sounds so lovely. I really want to travel somewhere and just wander around & Edinburgh looks and sounds just so nice. It´s definitely going on my travel wish list!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  2. This is so cute! Edinburgh is actually Matt & my first trip together too so it's also a special place, except Seoul basically outshone it because of all its fancy schmancy culture ;) hehehe. We went during winter though and it was super rainy so couldn't go to Arthur's Seat! I loved the museum, it's so pretty... my favourite was the Our Dynamic Earth - the interactive science/geo museum :)

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

  3. Hey Sophie where did you actually stay in Edinburgh if you don't mind me asking? I'm hoping to go there soon and would love to know where you stayed that was so cheap with such a great view! Loved this post x

  4. Aww this is so cute! The pictures you took were amazing too! You sound all grown up haha and there's me forever alone haha! You should defneitely talk more about politics on your blog if it is something that you are passionate about x

  5. This is such an adorable post!! I've always wanted to visit Scotland.
    I have a really hard time choosing a favorite destination. But I think it might be Istanbul.

    Lee -

  6. Such a great post Sophie! Edinburgh seems so beautiful! I'd love so much to visiting London, but first I have to overcome my fear of flying! But I will, there are so many places I want to visit! Your scrapbook is amazing, I hope to see a post about it soon! xx

    federica |

  7. Such a gorgeous post! Right I think I'll be off to Edinburgh next! xx


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