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Frosty Days and Winter Layering Tips

Sunday, 17 January 2016
I put together this little look and I thought I'd just have a chat about keeping warm but still looking good.

Top: Zara
Coat: Zara
Scarf: Zara
Jeans: Topshop Leighs
Shoes: Converse 
Hat: New Look

So the winter is finally showing up and things have started to become very cold! I love winter and I love snow so I'm pretty happy but sometimes it does make finding outfits pretty hard. I thought I'd give a few tips on how I put together outfits but still stay warm.

1. Add colours!!
I think that when it's winter I can fall into a routine of keeping everything neutral and a bit boring; it's just easier on cold mornings. I think this can often make me feel underdressed so I just try to add a little bit of colour, whether this be lipstick, clothes or glittery eye makeup. Today I went for a red/pink lip and then this black t-shirt. It's so comfy because it's just a t-shirt but then it has this panel of zig zag orange on it and a little pocket of glittery orange at the bottom. This just adds a pop of colour to a somewhat boring look, and it's still really easy to do on cold mornings.

2. Find your staple coat.
I always find that the one thing that can let my look down is not having a good coat, pitmans that I have to layer up everything else and then I end up looking like a 5ft marshmallow. Anyway, I just think that when I've got my warm coat sorted I know I can wear anything underneath and still be warm. This coat/cardigan is from Zara and I love it because it's warm to wear everyday and I know I can wear a t shirt under it but still be really cosy. A good coat will last for years too.

3. Layers.
I love layering but I hate ugly layers, like when you go out for a walk and have about 4 jumpers, 3 pairs and leggings, 5 pairs of socks and a skiing coat. Yeah, not a good look. So I think it's worth investing in some key pieces to layer with. My key pieces are a hat, scarf, some form of bralet and thicker socks. My hat and scarf just add some texture interests to an outfit and they add warmth; bralets are really good because they are a bit longer than a bra and the more vest type ones are quite warm and comfy; thicker socks are an essential!! I always wear little trainer socks because they are easier to hide in low shoes but you can find some lovely thick ones and if your feet are warm, you body will be warmer.

4. Balance it all out!
Basically I just mean that winter layers can be bulky and sometimes it can make you feel a bit self conscious, like you look bigger than you are. I'd always say that warmth comes before societies view of your weight because that doesn't matter but I do think that if you feel good you'll be happier. I always layer up my top half and then leave my legs quite streamline, I just think for my body shape it balances me out. You could layer up the bottom half with thicker trousers or tights under trousers, I think you can work any look around you and your shape. I often work in thin layers because I dont get drowned in fabric and this works really well to keep my shape but still keep me warm.

Also you might notice my little camera round my neck? Thats for a really exciting, monthly project I've been working on!

Hope you enjoyed this post! 
Whats your favourite way to layer/keep warm?


  1. I definitely need to find a staple coat, I don't have one!!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. These photos and outfits are perfect as always! I love layering but like you said I don't know really know how to do it properly! I am so glad I got a staple coat for Christmas though, it's so cosy x

  3. These photos and the setting you are in are gorgeous. I love your hat as well! x


  4. I love all of your photos Sophie, snow makes everything so magical! Your outfit looks so nice, I love the coat seems to be so snuggly and warm! I definitely need a staple coat. I own a parka that I wear kind of everyday, but I'd love to find something different. Can't wait to see you're project!! xx

  5. Such a cute outfit! I think the strap on your camera really adds to the outfit too!

  6. Gorgeous photos as always Sophie. I love this outfit and all the warm cosy textures. I definitely need a fancy hat for my camera.

    Victoria xx

  7. This whole post is perfect! Love your outfit and these photos are stunning! You made me want to put on layers and be cosy xo

  8. You look beautiful and the photos are lovely. I'm secretly wishing it was Winter here just looking at your outfit. I especially love your coat, good ole' Zara's done it again! Thanks for sharing.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally

  9. I hate the cold in the winter. It´s the worst thing for me. I´m just a child of the sun, okay? So layers are quite essential in my winter outfits. I can´t go out without tights underneath my jeans and at least two layers on my top half plus my super big (and pretty ugly) winter jacket that I´ve had for about 3 years now. Even with all of that I´m still shivering because of the cold. I´d really rather spent my time inside than out and about right now. So I have so much respect for you taking outfit pictures out in the cold. I surely couldn´t do it.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  10. This outfit looks so cosy! I love layering oversize cardigans and jumpers with leggings to keep comfy and warm on cold days. I'm excited to see what the project is :) xx

  11. I agree with adding colour to any winter outfit, and my favourite way is to add a scarf that pops :) a trendy and comfy coat is so important for me since I get so cold and I have to endlessly add layers underneath too.

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

  12. I looove layering! ASOS are the best for big scarves to wrap up in - love these shots!

    Charlotte / Styleaked

  13. I am one of those recently-moved-to-the-UK kind of people (lol) who don't understand how in the world someone can either wear summer/autumn clothes in winter (today I saw a girl in a mini with no tights and BLUE legs!) or put on "ugly" layers as you mentioned, hon. Well, thankfully it's just the rare few. To say I loved your tips is an understatement. Scarves are my favourite kind of layers. I am a proud hoarder of scarves :)
    xox Nadia

  14. I like layering as well, hats and scarves are the best :) Lovely post xx

    Sophie |


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