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Festive Faves: Beauty

Tuesday, 8 December 2015
Can we just talk about how festive the blogging community is?? I mean, I feel so much more christmassy since starting blogging, it's fab. Anyway, I missed by November faves so I decided to make a festive faves instead. 


So everyone loves a red lip during the festive season, some may call in cliché but red is a festive colour so I'm rolling with it. Anyway, this one is from Ted Baker and it always comes in their gift sets. It's a beautiful bright red with a bit of shine. which means it's a great for a long day because it means your lips dont dry out. I think adding a red lip with a sparkly eye just screams christmas and festivities.  


Again with lipsticks! I just love them ok. 
This one is YSL Prune Virgin and I chose it because I do think it is quite festive but a bit more subtle than a red lip. I think going for a darker, plum/purple colour works well because it goes with the winter season and it reminds me of mulled wine. I personally think plum colours can be very festive and it's a bit of a change from the classic red. I thought this would look amazing for a night out or christmas party because it's a bit more vampy and different.


 The Body Shop's vanilla range is just amazing when it comes round to christmas. It goes on smelling like pure vanilla and then wear off to a more subtle smell of white chocolate. I think it's amazing and reminds me of christmas baking. It's a great gift for any beauty lover and it's a fab one to wear around this period because of the chocolate scent.

So slippers aren't strictly beauty but taking care of your feet is, so thats why I included them haha!!
Christmas often means a lot of visits to different houses, or staying in, so slippers are my go to footwear. They are great for going to other peoples houses because you can keep your feet warm without ruining carpets and even at parties, if your heels get annoying they are great to wear. It may be very old grandma of me, but I wore slippers to my boyfriends 18th because I cant dance in heels, ahha! They are also great for christmas day because they keep you nice are cosy on your relaxing day.

What are your festive faves?


  1. Ohhhhhh I love this version of faves, hon!! There's nothing better than festive things we are enjoying <3 LOVE these products, especially the lippies! Soooo beautiful.
    How cozy are those slippers <3
    You're so right about the blogging community honey :) I am so excited about the holidays!
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you so much Nadia!! I do love lipsticks, they are my go to product! Slippers are my life at the moment ahha <3 XX

  2. I LOVE That Ted Baker lipstick!! That YSL looks black on this photo but I am sure it looks lovely on! Can't beat some dark berry shades in winter! Xx

    1. Thank you Olivia!!! Hahah, I know for some reason in the bullet it looks so dark Xx

  3. Sadly I also have TBS Vanilla body mist but it's not one of my faves, it's just a bit too artificial for me now... Initially I got the appeal of it but now I kind of 'transformed' it into using it as a room spray, which isn't too bad I guess haha ;D I really like the colour of that YSL lipstick though - vampy shades are super edgy all year round fo sho :)

    Cherie / sinonym

    1. Oooo I like the room spray idea! I know what you mean, I only use a bit of the spray on my wrists and neck so it's not too in your face ahah! Thank you lovely Xxx

  4. I love the look of that Ted Baker lipstick! I have a Ted Baker Lipgloss on a red shade! It reminds me I need to use it more x

    1. It is lovely, definitely my fave red!! Ooo I love the sound of a lipgloss, I need more!!Xxx


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