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Collabmas Style Snippet: Subtly Christmas With LeeThrifts

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Me and Lee teamed up to do this post about subtly Christmas outfits; if you're anything like me, you love Christmas but you don't want to go all out with bells and lights just yet, so these are the 'waiting to be Christmas outfits to be acceptable' looks, ahah!

First – thank you so much to Sophie for featuring me on her blog! I am so honored! Shy. Life. Living is definitely one of my favorite blogs and I’m so excited to be collaborating with her! Anyways – the outfit~
I love Christmas and I love a good printed trouser. I could have easily thrown on a Christmas sweater and called it a day. But when Sophie proposed the idea of subtly dressing for Christmas I knew I wanted to focus my outfit around these red, white and black trousers (pants in the US! Haha) I picked up from Old Navy. I also think these are just such a unique print but I’ve seen similar ones at a lot of other stores!
 To keep with the Christmas-y theme of the outfit I paired it with a khaki colored t-shirt as well as a slouchy white sweater. I love pairing tighter trousers with slouchier tops as it makes the outfit flow a bit better and isn’t so overwhelming tight. Plus, slouchy cardigans are the absolute coziest.
For shoes I went for my classic Red Keds because they go perfectly with the color scheme and are the perfect Christmas colors. And again – so comfortable! I also chucked on a white and maroon beanie as it will probably be a bit chilly. On holidays I love to be stylish and comfortable and I think this outfit combines both perfectly. 

I thought Lee's look was perfect and fit the theme so well! It's definitely something I'd be inspired to wear. 
For my outfit I went for a similar colour theme, with the red and white because it's what I usually think of around Christmas time. 
So this orange-y, red skirt is from Zara and I chose it because the button down style is really on trend but it's still in the Christmas style of colour. I thought it really enhanced the Christmas vibe but still kept it subtle because it's a casual piece and something that you could wear anytime of the year. I think for this 'subtle' look it's easiest to use pieces that you're familiar with and wear a lot because it makes it more casual. 
Then this jumper was just from a charity shop a while ago. Obviously Lee is all about thrifty buying, so I thought I'd go along with this and wear something that I've also thrifted. It's just a loose, cropped jumper in this pale, cream colour. I love it because it's effortless and baggy but it goes perfectly with more girly pieces, like this skirt. I thought the knitted jumper just added the festive vibe because it's cosy and fluffy, which just reminds me of Christmas. 

I absolutely loved working with Lee on this collab. She is such a lovely person and is always there giving me feedback or chatting with me! She really inspires me to be more thrifty and utilise my local charity shops. They are a fab place to find some gems and allows you to give back to people in need, which is especially important around Christmas. I love Lee's blog because it's so fresh in the blogging world, which sometimes can be full of ridiculously priced items. I think she shows that you can look amazing and be thrifty, which I love! The outfits she styles are just amazing, I love her layering and how her style has so much personality. Shes a lovely lady with an amazing blog!!

Lee's Blog: LeeThrifts

Thank you for collabing Lee and thank you for reading!! Whats your go to Christmas style?


  1. Love your skirt! Lee's trousers are super cute - I wish I could wear some nice printed ones in the winter but alas why is it so cold :( I don't think I even have a 'subtle' Christmas outfit, I just run around the house wrapping up in layers of knits because it's freezing haha! I guess I usually just add a bit of colour during winter so it doesn't look too dull ^_^

    ooh and paint my nails red!

    Cherie / sinonym

    1. Aw thank you! I know, I love Lee's trousers, I'd love to wear some like that but all mine are ankle grazers so I'd be freezing hahah! Same, colour makes everything better because it brightens the dulls days up XXX

  2. I love your red skirt Sophie! Such a great festive outfit <3

    Gisforgingers xx

  3. I absolutely love both of your outfits! Let's trousers are amazing and the photos look so professional! Your skirt is such a gorgeous colour Sophie! Another amazing collaboration this month x

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I'm glad you're enjoying them XXX

  4. Great Christmas outfits! Gemma xx

  5. I love both of your outfits, I really never know what to wear for Christmas so I've definitely got some inspiration out of this <3


    1. Aw thats great!! So glad you enjoyed XXX

  6. What absolute cuties you both are !! Sometimes it is nice to go subtle with your Christmas outfits (instead of having a crazy Christmas jumper!).. I love picking up things from charity shops .. You can always guarantee you'll find a gorgeous knitted jumper from there !
    Loved this post !

    1. Awww thank you!! Hahah exactly, sometimes subtle is safe too. I always end up in the jumper section, you always find a gem XX

  7. Love these outfits, so cute!! Really love the skirt and the trousers, might have to head to Zara!

    Hazel xx


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