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Collabmas: Style Snippet: Christmas Shopping

Thursday, 3 December 2015

YAYYY December is here!!! This means we all get to read wonderful Blogmas and have lots of vlogs to watch, perfect for procrastination. I knew I wouldn't have enough time for Blogmas so I decided to do a few collabs. I haven't collaborated with everyone who I love so I will be doing a round up post which includes some more wonderful people. Collabmas is basically some posts I've done with a few bloggers sharing some of our tips or Christmassy activities. I hope you all enjoy!!
This collab is from me and the lovely Making Life A Camera. We put together an outfir each that is perfect for Christmas shopping and there will be a post going up on her blog soon about Christmas Outfits. 

Collared top - Topshop
Jumper - Dorothy Perkins 
Leather jacket - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Timberland

One of my favourite activities around this time of year is to go Christmas shopping. I love wandering around shops which play Christmas songs and have amazing Christmas displays - it really gets me excited for the 25th! In order to go Christmas errand shopping, my main concerns about my outfit is it being comfy and appropriate for the weather. If you are going to be in a shopping centre the whole time, it doesn't matter as much but if the shops are outside, layering up is very important. For me, I tend to get grumpy if I'm freezing and this puts me off Christmas shopping! In addition, you can easily take off layers in the shops once inside. Comfort is also essential as you don't want your feet to be hurting or any labels/seams itching you whilst you are carrying bags filled with Christmas goodies. Having said all that, you still want to look stylish and enjoy wearing some of your favourite Winter fashions. So for my ideal Christmas shopping outfit, I chose to wear my comfiest pair of jeans from Topshop with a snuggly jumper. Underneath the jumper, I have a collared top which makes the outfit look perhaps more put together and girly. However, you could opt for a statement necklace. Wearing jumpers, whether that be a Christmas jumper or a plain one, keep me really warm and I never feel the need to wear a scarf as the jumper itself keeps my neck warm. The particular jumper I am wearing brightens up the darker tones of my jeans and jacket. The boots that I have are lined with fluff in the inside which keep my feet nice and toasty. There are many boots like this out there, they don't have to be Timberland ones. Another item which isn't as obvious in the photos, but I think is a good idea to have whilst your out Christmas shopping, is a rucksack. Since shops are starting to charge 5p for carrier bags, you don't need to pay because you can just put it straight into your rucksack. Also, in the long run, carrying rucksacks do better things for your back as the weight is spread across two shoulders. 

Be comfortable and stylish, have fun and watch out for those cheeky little elves eyeing you up! 

Jumper: New Look
Skirt: New Look

I went for another simple but styled look by incorporating comfy pieces along with current trends. Button down skirts are such a style staple and are so on trend, so I thought this was a really easy way to look put together but comfy. Then I put of this oversized, varsity jumper, it adds a sporty vibe to the look and keeps it really casual. I'd throw on my New Balances with this and I'd be ready to hit the shops.
I went for a skirt because I find that they are easiest when trying on clothes. You can see what tops look like easily and you can see what dresses would look like because you have tights. I try to wear outfits that are easy to change in and out of because there's nothing worse than falling around a changing room trying to pull your dress off, not like I've done that.. Hahah, it always happens to me!!
I thought the jumper was a good thing to wear because you can layer it with a top to be warmer but also, easily take it off if it's quite warm and tie it around your waist. 
I really like wearing sporty looks because it's really comfy but you can look like you've made an effort by adding current pieces. 

I'd just like to say a big thank you for joining me in the post and you should all go and check out Making Life A Camera because there's always something great to read and I love going back to keep reading. There's a mix of everything and you can never get bored. Laurel has a lovely tone to her writing, which makes the blog really chatty, it's like you're reading with a friend.



  1. I loved this post! Two of my favourites with two great outfits! Can't wait to see more of your Christmas themed posts Sophie! x
    PS: In love with your new blog design Sophie x

  2. Really lovely collab, Sophie! Thought you both styled your outfits so nicely! <3
    Excited for more Christmassy posts, girlie :)
    xox Nadia


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