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Christmas Lip Edit

Sunday, 27 December 2015

One thing I asked for this year was lipsticks, so I thought I'd give a few mini first impressions on the ones I got. (Spoiler: I love them).

MAC Plumful

Obviously I love getting a new mac lipstick because it has that classic vanilla scent and it just feels so special. I only have one other one, Cosmo, and I wear it everyday so I really trust mac and their lipsticks. I knew I'd wear it a lot and I wanted to add a new one to my collection. I knew Essie Button always used to talk about Plumful a lot, so I thought I'd pick it up while Mac had free shipping. 
It's a lustre finish, which is a new one for me, which means that it's sheer and more creamy. I love this because it feels so light on the lips and just glides on. It is sheer but it packs a lot of pigment, so you still get a lot of colour on the lips. It has a really nice shine to it and leaves a purple-y, pink stain on the lips. It's a classic plum colour thats very light in texture and glides onto the lips so easily. I am in love.

YSL  Rouge Pur Couture (Kiss & Love Edition)
1 Le Rouge

This is the first present I asked for because I saw it online and I fell in love with the packaging. I know that's very superficial but I love packaging. I collect lipsticks, which is why I pick them up on special occasions, so I knew I had to have this limited edition one in my collection and it's beautiful! 
I've been searching for a classic red for so long but I didn't want a really matte one. I saw this colour and thought I'd go for it and I love it. It's a beautiful, true red, which has a nice shine and is comfortable on the lips. It's not really shiny and creamy so it doesn't smudge off your lips but it does have a sheen and it's comfortable to wear. You'll see me with this a lot because it's a new fave! However I don't want to use it too much because all the kisses will wear away. 

YSL Rouge Pur Couture (The Mats)
204 Rouge Scandal

This one was a present off Lukke, which he hid in a box of sweets!! It's such a me shade and, like I've said with all of these, I love it. It's a red with a brown-y, purple undertone. It's matte but not drying and it just stays on for so long. I went out on boxing day for 7 hours and it didn't budge. It really suits a paler skin and would suit anyone really but I like it on my skin tone because it doesn't wash me out like some dark shades can. It's just a twist on a classic colour, which I really love. 

YSL Rouge Volupte Shine 
36 Rouge In Rock

This one is probably the easiest one to wear because it's so sheer. The Volupte Shine range is all about comfortable, sheer lipsticks, which just add a pop of colour to your face. It glides on and adds a lovely sheen and it's like a washed out red colour, so it's matches amazingly with the other colours I got. I wear it alone for a more subtle, easy to wear colour, or on top of another colour to add a bit of gloss. I'd really recommend this range because they are sheer and easy to wear but they last so long and leave a lasting stain on the lips.

I'm so happy that I asked for lipsticks this year because they are so special and meaningful to me. I'm so grateful to have received these and I love them all so much!

Which present was your favourite this year?


  1. All these lipsticks look so gorgeous, especially Mac Plumfull. I got Mac Brave and Brick O la for Christmas and I love them. Although Who doesn't love Mac lipsticks?!


    1. Thank you hun! I know, they are always beautiful!!Xx

  2. All those lipsticks are so beautiful! MAC plumule has been on my list for a while, I think I'll get it in the new year sales maybe. I got a gorgeous heart shaped charm for my pandora bracelet that says I love you on it from my boyfriend, which I love. Hope you had a wonderful Christmas xx

    1. Thank you Emily! It is a lovely shade and aww that sounds so thoughtful and lovely!! Hope you had the best day Xx

  3. Pooh I'd love to get my hands on one of those YSL beauties! You lucky thing! I love your blog, and wondered if you'd mind checking mine out?xxxx


  4. Oh my gosh all these shades are amazing! You take such gorgeous photos too. I got a lot of film stuff this year and not so much beauty but my favourite is my Kindle tablet and Chanel perfume :) xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

    1. Thank you lovely!!! Ooo I've always wanted to try a chanel perfume! Xx

  5. All these shades are so pretty, I really need to try a mac lipstick. What would you recommend for a great starting lipstick? My main present this year was a camera that I'm so thankful for xx

    Sophie |

  6. what a lovely post, you take lovely pictures, what camera do you use?

    1. Thank you so much! For this post I used the Nikon Coolpix XX

  7. I'm a lipstick addict and these are just beauts! You really can't beat a MAC Lippy :D

    Honey Go-Lightly

  8. These are lovely! Both the pigmented YSL ones look gorgeous - I'd love to have some one day! You lucky gal ;) I received a bottle of Cognac and I don't even drink hahahaha... but oh well.

    Cherie x
    say hi at sinonym

  9. I have a debenhams voucher so I am definitely looking to get more lipsticks! It's so hard to chose, plumful is such a lovely colour! Ahh I can't chose! Why do Mac have to have so amazing colours?! Xx

  10. Oh god, I love MAC but nothing beats YSL packaging does it?! It's gorgeous!

    Lilies and Lipbalm


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