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New Shoes Love (New Balance)

Sunday, 29 November 2015
I usually stick to Converse, so new shoes are a big deal for me!! I thought I'd do a little review of my New Balance 420's.

I saw these in the Black Friday, Asos sale and I was so happy because I've wanted them for over a year! I've seen them all over blogs and pintrest and I just think they look amazing, especially styled with jeans and an oversized coat or dresses. 
I got a nazy pair because I thought they'd go with a lot of things but look a bit different instead of black. I love the colour because they have all different shades of navy around the shoe and then pops of orange. The 'N' on the side intially put me off because I don't like a lot of branding but when you wear them it just blends in and splits up the colour so you dont have navy block on your feet, ahha!
For sizing I'd say maybe go up. I got my usual size (5) and I think I could've got away with a 5.5 because they are a bit snug. I know that it's just because I'll have to wear them in but it's just something to think about. 
I think they are great qulity and light on the foot. They are subtly sporty and aren't in your face, which I love because I'm not really a sporty person. 

Overall, I think these are great shoes but I'd shop around before you by and look in sales because they are a lot of money if you don't usually go for shoes like this. I was buzzing that I got them in the sale and I know they'll be in a lot of upcoming outfits.


  1. Love those shoes! I've been eyeing up a mint green pair for myself!


  2. I love trainers and those ones are so pretty. I really like the color of them. I have similar ones but they are black and have two pink stripes on the side. I love to wear them because they are so comfy and look cute with every outfit.

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. I love New Balance I'm looking at getting a grey pair. Favourite pair of trainers to look at for sure!

  4. I am a huge sucker for sneakers, girl. Love them! Great pick & BF deal hon. I love that look: subtly sporty but aren't in your face & you got me at "snug" :)
    xox Nadia

  5. Great NB's love them. Gemma xx

  6. These are not really my kind of thing but I can't wait to see how you style them because I know you will do a dam good job and make me want to go and buy a pair x


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