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Monthly Loves: October

Tuesday, 3 November 2015
October is my birthday month and there's Halloween, so it is up there with one of my favourite months. I've had a lot of good things happen so I'll get on with the loves.

Favourite Beauty Product:
I couldn't pick one favourite out of these three, but mainly I have been loving sparkles! I find that I always go back to wearing highlighter during the winter/autumn because my skin is a lot more dull, so it's a nice way to brighten the complexion and look a bit more radiant. The Topshop Glow Pot is amazing for this because it has a pink/golden undertone so it really adds warmth to the face, along with a lovely highlight. 
I also bought this Barry M glitter dust, after I saw Katie Snooks' halloween tutorial. I did use it as tears but I've also used it on an everyday basis. It's strange because I would have stay well away from pink glitters on the eye because it just screams infection to me, haha? Anyone else? Anyway, it's not like that at all, it's actually quite subtle but you get a lovely glisten on the eyes. I just love sparkle and this is a bit different compared to the usual whites.
Then I have the Collection (I always want to put 2000) Glam Crystals eyeliner. It's this mix of silver, pink and blue sparkles but it mainly comes across as sliver. I usually wear it in the inner corner and going up on the lid a bit; it works so well to give your eyes more definition that I feel that I don't even need, the usual, black eyeliner. It's a great alternative and I always get complements on it. 

Most Worn Clothing Item:

Obviously I haven't been strutting around college in this but I've wore it so much to different parties. It's a bit different for me because I don't usually like to be so revealed but I think it looks beautiful paired with a nice leather skirt or a black midi. I think the eyelash lace it so pretty and just makes you look really dressed up, without loads of jewellery. The burgundy colour is one of my favourites and it really complements me ghostly complexion. You'll probably see this so much with the festive season coming, it's became a staple in my going out wardrobe. 

Favourite Place:

I've made a few changes to my room and added more personal photos up and it's soon became my favourite place. I mean I've always loved my room but I think the addition of photos has made it even better. I've added some film photos on my radiator wall and they are so funny! I took this camera on a day visit for mine and Lukkes 3 year anniversary day out, so it has some cute memories but I used the rest of the film at a party. As you can see from that photo, I was really enjoying that night, ahah. Does anyone else get a drunken bong eye? It's as if it just decides it's done with my crap. 
Around my door frame I've decided to put all my Square Snaps photos. I love them all and theres so many different memories that I get to see everyday. They just make me smile. 

Song Of The Month:
I've loved Warpaint for a while because they are the type of people you look at and your like 'they are so cool'. Thats such a cringy/lame thing but it's so true! I went to see them in February last year and the crowd just didn't do them justice. Anyway, I always come back to the in the autumn/winter because they remind me of this time of year and are a bit nostalgic. They may not be everyone's cup of tea (reminds me of A Cup Of T) but if you do listen to them I'd recommend Disco//Very, it's one of their easier songs to get into. 

Favorite Memory:

Obviously I have to say my birthday trip to York. I wont go on and on about it because I feel like thats all I've spoke about recently but it was just the most lovely time and I enjoyed it so much. It also settled me into the thought of living there because it's such a beautiful city. Anyway, if you havent already seen it the blog post is here and you can read more about it there.

Favourtie Instagram: 

I usally do a food favourite but there wasn't anything really exciting that I'd been loving, except a free biscuit that I got from St. Johns uni but I ate that. So I decided to do a little instagram segment this month because I always love seeing Nadia's (Miel And Mint). (She always includes the cutest animals!!)

This is Graces instagram (Arcadefore), shes my best friend, but I just think her feed is amazing. It's not themed or anything but it's stunning because she uploads photo's from her summer travels and every photo is so interesting. These are my two favourites and as you can see the quality is amazing and just the colours, everything, I'm obsessed. I always tell her to post this one of her in Venice (I think) or somewhere like that and it's such a cute photo, so hopefully she will soon. 

Hope you enjoyed seeing my favourites, what have you been loving?

Sophie X


  1. October is my favourite too because it's also my birthday month! I love the burgundy bralette you have, its such a nice colour and perfect for Autumn X

    The Fashion Road

    1. Happy birthday!! Thank you, I probably wear it too much hahah Xx

  2. Love your new style of taking photos, very creative! Glad you had such a good month! I also always want to say 2000 after collection, haha x :)

    1. Aww thank you! It's such a habit, even if it changed ages ago ahah Xx

  3. Great post! I need to try that topshop highlighter - it looks beautiful!

    Lee -

    1. Thank you!! I'd really recommend it, it's the only highlighter I really use Xx

  4. Great post. That lace really is beautiful!

  5. I loved your favourites from October a lot hon!
    Aww, yay you included Insta accounts & gave me a little shout-out, so sweet :)
    I think monthly faves which include different aspects of our life are so fun to see!
    Enjoyed everything, esp your fave moment, fave place and those profiles - I am following already <3
    xox Nadia

  6. Love your lacey top - been seeing it on instagram and you look stunning in it :) my favourite place this month (october haha) was home after two years and Seoul - so amazing I dreaded coming back! Basically still having withdrawal right now but hey what can ya do when it's all glum and dull outside right now eh? ;)

    Cherie / sinonym


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