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Lazy Girl Guide: Getting Ready Fast

Tuesday, 10 November 2015
 I've always struggled getting ready for college because I spend way too long in bed, so I thought I'd show you the bits that I do and give some of my tips on how to get ready fast!

Obviously loving Estes posts on Instagram, shes my fave.

So this is the time of the morning when I spend way too long on Youtube and reading blogs and generally procrastinating before it's way too late. I'm never awake enough to actually get up and give myself a decent amount of time; usually I wake up at 6:30, on 9am start days, and I get out of bed at 7:45.

 Tip 1:
So to actually get me out of bed and into the shower, I put some of my favourite songs on. I've been loving Odessa I Will Be There, Aurora Running With The Wolves, Grimes Entropy and Drake Hotline Bling. I'll be honest, I'm not really a Drake fan and some of the lyrics in Hotline Bling are so ridiculous but it's my guilty pleasure and at least it gets me up in the morning... 

Tip 2: 
I shower every morning but I never wash my hair on the morning because it takes way too long to dry, so my tip would be to wash and style your hair on the night. Sometimes if I'm tired I'll miss the styling part and leave it all curly but I always regret it in the morning. I find that if I just set a bit of time aside to wash and blow dry my hair, at the least, it saves me so much more time in the morning. 

Tip 3:
Make your makeup routine as simple and fast as possible. I've been using my Mac Studio Sculpt as both concealer and foundation because it's easy to build up so it's faster than trying to blend two products in, I just build it up in parts that I need more coverage. To apply it I use a damp sponge because it gives me a more natural and flawless base than going in with a brush. I find that brushes take a lot more work to get it how I want, so I'd just recommend using a tool that's easiest for you, even if it's your fingers. 

Tip 4:
Make one item in your routine statement. This part is optional depending on how rushed I am but if I have a bit of spare time I will either apply some winged liner, a bit more bronzer or go for a bold lip. I just think that putting a bit more effort and time into something will pull your look together and make you look more put together. Also if I'm having a bad skin week, I will use this time to focus on my skin and making my base flawless. Recently I've been opting for a bold lip, I mean it's autumn, what better time to wear a berry lip?

 Tip 5:
Choose a simple outfit! On rushed days I always opt for something that will make me look as if I've put more effort in but is still comfy and simple. So today I went for my usual black jeans and this vintage, high neck jumper. It's just a jumper and jeans combination but I think the highwaisted jeans, cropped top style and high neck just add a bit more detail and more it more interesting. You could do this by wearing a dress or skirt, just simple pieces that make you look a bit more put together. 

Tip 6:
Add patterned accessories. I always find that if my outfit is a bit more plain, just adding a chunky, patterned scarf and an interesting bag just makes it seem like I put way more effort in. This is like the story of my mornings, just what will make me look like I've put effort in when I can't be bothered? 

Hope you enjoyed this insight into my mind on a rushed morning, ahah! 
Sophie X


  1. Love this post! I certainly agree with Esteé's instagram - it's so beautiful!


    1. Thank you, it really is! I love her style xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Aw thank you, it's from new look Xxxx

  3. Really loved this post & how it's such a lovely blend of everything: every day life, makeup, clothes, advice etc. Super amazing!
    I think it's awesome you give yourself time in the morning to read blogs, check social platforms, enjoy some YT videos. Whenever I do that, my morning is gone in a heartbeat lol. I just don't know when to stop haha. I also absolutely love Estee! <3
    She's so amazing, I feel like if we were to meet outside this whole YT scene, we would make best buds.
    Like I said, loved to have a sneak peek into your morning, hon ;)
    xox Nadia

    1. Awwww thank you so much!!! Haha my mornings usually do go so fast!! And same, she seems so funny and I'd love to see reggie!Xxxx

  4. Loved this post, as always! I literally don't have time to do anything in the morning that is fun or relaxing but I have got to get the 8:00 bus x

    1. Thank you!!! I shouldn't really have time, ahah, I'm usually a bit late Xxx

  5. Loved this post and your outfit! I never have time in the morning, i'm forever rushing around- slapping a bit of makeup on and throwing any old outfit together. Haha!

    Aim | x x


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