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Tuesday, 13 October 2015

I was contacted by the lovely Kumba Dauda on a blogger campaign, including the 'Wear It Pink Charity'. She spoke of how close the issue was to her heart and it really inspired me to try and raise awareness to help as well; the campaign is a #MOTD which includes pink in it.  October is breast cancer awareness month, and like most families we have been affected too; cancer is close to everyone's heart and even doing little things like this brings awareness to the cause. 
I thought the idea of having you MOTD include pink was a great way to involve more people because its a really easy thing to do but by doing it and donating you are bringing awareness to the cause.

So I kept my look simple, as usual and I just used my everyday makeup but added a pop of pink to the cheeks, eyes and lips. 

 I just added a bit of my Avon eyeshadow to the eyes, it's a really sparkly pink and then I used a more purple toned pink as a crease colour. It works exactly the same as browns would but it adds the pink in there. 
I used my favourite Benefit blush on the cheeks because it's the pinkest I had and then on the lips I used my Ted Baker lipstick. I think the lips really pull the look together and adds that, more noticeable pop of pink. When I got the email I really wished that I had a bright pink lipstick so I could have went all out. Thats not really me though, so I stuck to this lovely, dusty pink colour. 
I'm more into fashion than makeup so I also put together an OOTD with pink in it. This is a more me way of showing my support. I just wore this lovely, pink lace jumper. 

I think Kumba's Idea of this blogger campaign is a really inspiring thing to do. It's a really easy thing to incorporate with you usual content but it also highlights cancer and brings awareness to it. It turns a bloggers love for fashion and beauty into a way of giving to a good cause. As I said, Kumba told us of her story with cancer and it does affect most people/families nowadays; we have came so far with research in recent years but theres still more to do. I also just wanted to add a link to the NHS website so you can learn more about breast cancer and the ways to look out for it.  (
If you want to donate here is the link to the page:
Also it would be great is anyone else wanted to take part in the campaign, even if you dont have a blog. Just tag Kumba and me in it because I'm sure we would both love to see! Also if you do blog I'd love to see you do it!! 

Sophie x


  1. Loving your #MOTD look! The pink lipstick suits you so well. So happy & grateful that you decided to participate in such an amazing cause so thank you for that!



    1. Thank you so much, and thank you for telling me about it, it's such an important cause!Xx

  2. Great cause and amazing way to raise the awareness, girlie! A close friend is going through treatment for it at the moment and it is heartbreaking but we are all hopeful <3
    Also, pink lipstick suits you so much!
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you! I'm sorry to hear that, I hope everything goes well lovely!! You can DM anytime if you need to talk Xx

  3. This is a fantastic idea for a fantastic cause. I think I won´t put it up on my blog (because my make up skills aren´t the best) but I will definitely wear a pink lipstick tomorrow and put it on insta.
    There are so many illnesses in the world that need more attention and cancer (especially breast cancer) is one of them!
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa


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