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Photography Post #2

Thursday, 8 October 2015
I've been doing a few different shoots for my A Level photography course and I thought I'd share some of the best images, tell the story behind the shoot and show you the video that goes alongside the shoot.

So my project for my coursework if 'texture in portrait' and I've been working a lot with incorporating nature in the images and plants. I was working on the idea of femininity shown by the different flowers and the idea of an eerie image and hiding the women behind the flowers. Flowers are stereotypically used to enhance femininity but in this case I wanted the nature to hide it. Obviously I can't stick to one idea, so for this shoot I decided to experiment with water again but only use the texture of the water, instead of adding extra things. 

 In these images I wanted to try and create texture with her hair and wet objects. I used the wet shirt to intensity the cold and eerie feel, I think by keeping everything very pale and wet just creates a strange feeling to the image. I also wanted Grace to look quite distressed and have her head slightly down, this just makes her seem alone and hidden, which I wanted so that it matched the idea of hiding the women and the eerie feeling that comes with that. I love the texture that the water gives and how the images are made a lot more interesting. I think they could be interpreted in a lot of different ways and I'd love to hear what you think?!

These are the main images that I wanted to create. I wanted to have quite scary, eerie photos underwater with a lot of texture created by breathing. I asked grace to push herself under and just breathe out, this created this amazing texture and movement over her face, which hide it and helped to give the images a distressing quality. All the bubbles around her and the way you can see her forcing herself under just makes it really scary and it has that cold, alone feeling. I think this is a great way to have the hiding of the women. I wanted the distressing qualities to the images because I thought of the idea of relaxation; baths are often used to relax in and women are traditionally supposed to be very calm and submissive, so I thought I'd completely contrast this with intense and scary images.
I'm doing my next shoot at the weekend and in that I am going to use more nature and contrast more dead/dry flowers with the idea of a delicate rose bath. 

The Video:

This is my first attempt at a video. I thought this could be a potential idea for a final piece, so I need to practice now. I used Sigur Ros as the background music because it has a strange, water-like sound and this doesn't distract you from the imagery. Also the more instrumental music, goes with the overall tone of the images and video. I didn't want the video to be overly sad but I do feel sadness watching it because of the alone feeling to the images. This isn't a bad reaction, I just wanted the video to make people feel something, as long as it wasn't too distressing. 

I'd love to hear opinions/comments on how the images and video makes you feel because it would really help my coursework evaluation! If you could leave a comment that would be hugely appreciated!! Thank you x


  1. Very cool! I totally got everything you were trying to convey and for your first video I thought it was excellent - the track you chose was definitely perfect for the subject.
    Way back when I did my A Level photography it was nothing like this whatsoever so it's really fun getting to see what kind of assignments you have!

    Danielle xo

  2. Stunning photos, esp photo #3.. just amazing!
    Amazing project, well done, Sophie!
    xox Nadia

  3. I love the post! You have a wonderful blog:)

  4. First time looking at your blog and I absolutely LOVE this post! Your video would make a brilliant music video for the right song!
    Saph x

  5. These photos and the video are amazing! If you don't succed at owning an alpaca farm then you should go in to photography, media, video etc. Because you have talent girl! I was though all the way through the video thinking " omg is your friend all right, she looks like she is going to drown!!!!"


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