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Tips For Productivity

Sunday, 20 September 2015
 So we all get into that rut of going back into college/school/work after the summer and being lazy and tired all the time. You can't let the instagram feed suffer as you be a couch potato, so I thought I'd put together a few tips that help me. 
So me, Grace and Lukke decided our productive outing of the week, would be to Roseberry Topping. It's easy to get stuck in a rut of not doing anything but it's not long before the snow comes and you cant really go places, so it's best to use your time now, to do some interesting things.

 Tip 1:  Plan something at the start of the week. I always find I'm more willing to go out at the start of the week because I haven't had 5 days of tired days, so it's best to arrange things then, when you feel up to it. I find if I arrange something and it's not just a spare of the moment thing, I feel more guilty if I dont carry it out, so plan when you feel like it and then you're more likely to carry through with it. It's always fun to go out and do something, even if you're feeling a bit tired, you'll enjoy it when you're there.
 Tip 2: Make the most of your afternoons. Obviously after a hard week, you want that 11 am lie in and an easy brunch but then you think, having a productive day means doing something for the full day, including mornings. It doesnt have to be like that, just go out a little bit later so you get that refreshing lie in. If you're more of a morning person, switch this up and go out a bit early and have a more relaxing night. Your plans should reflect you, I know that I'm not fully awake till after dinner, so going out at 1 and getting in a bit later works great for me and ensures I have the best time. 
 Tip 3:  Don't overload your time with work. I find that weekends get often be ruined by the thought of a work filled Sunday, so I try to get as much work done during the week, so that my weekends are a break. I find that doing my work straight away (if I remember) gives me a more relaxed weekend and I'm not dreading a late Sunday night trying to cram all the left over worksheets in.
 (Don't mind my eyes, I was so unfit I nearly cried)

Tip 4: Do something you enjoy. If you enjoy being lazy but still want to get out, why not go for a meal or a coffee date? Same with if you enjoy being active but get yourself in a lazy rut, try seeing the places around you, like how we went to Roseberry Topping; it's only half- one hour away but its gets you out for a bit. I would say be wise about where you choose to go!! I thought a little walk with a nice view would be great, until I got half way up and realised how unfit I am. I should've gone to butterfly world. 
Tip 5: Use the time to make memories. I think if I have planned something, I know I want to make it the best experience I can because it's always nice to look back on. I woke up feeling pretty gross this morning but I knew we had this planned so I perked myself up, ate a lot of grapes and made it the best I could. I think just taking photos and joking with your friends is the best way to get yourself up and being more productive. Use the people around you to fill the day with positivity and you're bout to feel better and less lazy!

Hope you enjoyed this post!!xx


  1. I love these photos, those views are stunning! I agree with all on all of these points! Although every time I try and make my weekends free from college work, I seem to find myself still writing essays! ummm.. need to work on that I think x :)

  2. Amazing tips. With school and driving lessons I don't really have much time for fun stuff. But I'm definitely going to do something interesting and relaxing next weekend. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  3. I definitely agree that it is easy to get stuck in a rut after Summer. As the cold weather sets in, you just want to sit at home with hot chocolate and watch millions of films/TV shows. I loved your tips and will definitely bear them in mind to make me more productive and get my butt off the sofa! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  4. Your photos are stunning! And some absolutely wonderful tips :)

  5. Great tips, esp the one about not overloading yourself with work. I tend to do that All. The. Time. Great reminder not to :)
    I adore your pics - so beautiful!
    xox Nadia


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