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Style Snippet: Stripes And Knit

Thursday, 3 September 2015

I put together a bit of a different outfit today because I was inspired by the blues and creams of my bag, bit strange? Anyway it's all based around a striped dress and chunky knit.

The dress is an oldie from Topshop but you can get a similar one here and the knit cardigan is from New Look and again heres a similar one. 

I really liked putting this outfit together because it made me feel a bit summery as it's my last day off. The dress has this really nice, thick stripe pattern that works to make me feel like I look taller, 5ft problems! It has this bardot neckline, which I love because I think it's really flattering to show off the collar bones and shoulders, I dont know why, I just find it nicer than getting all my arms out. The dress is an A line shape but it's slightly bodycon, this is the best style for me because anything with too much fabric just drowns me and I look like a child thats mam got too excited when dressing them for a disco. 
Then I added this lovely, chunky knit cardigan over the top. Although it's my last day of summer, the weather has been so dull and cold so the cardigan was a must. I love being able to add knitwear back into my outfits because it makes me a lot more cozy and warm, also I feel less exposed. I think the look of a chunky knit and dress goes so well because it's two different styles. You have the sleek dress that gives a more feminine feel, combined with the chunky knit that gives a casual, cozy look. 
Then I have my usual tote bag. I think this just pulls the look together because it has bother the cream and blue colours in and just rounds up the outfit. I love matching colours because I think it looks so much more thought out. 

Hope you enjoyed the post, I'm really sad because the dull lighting is already making my photography bad :( xo


  1. Beautiful outfit. I really like the cardigan and bag. I don't really like to wear vertical stripes but this dress looks so cute on you. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Aw thank you! It's my favourite bag, I love the dinosaurs ahah xx

  2. Could I have one of these like every day? Just kidding. But seriosuly you are like my virtual style inspiration for a daily basis x

    1. Aww that's so sweat thank you so much!!!! That's made my day, I've been feeling so unmotivated, thank you xxx


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