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Style Snippet: Boyfriend Blazer

Thursday, 24 September 2015
A boyfriend style blazer is a key item in my wardrobe, I just think its so timeless and chic, so I did this little OOTD.

 So Firstly, this is the base of my outfit. The dress is this lovely, striped swing dress from Dorothy Perkins. It's a lovely 60's style piece and transitions really well into autumn because the 60's style is really big at NYFW and is set to be a trend. I love the style because it's so classic, which fits in nicely with the style of the jacket. This is the perfect swing dress for me because its short enough, so it flatters my vertically challenged frame and doesn't drown me in fabric. I love the ribbed detail around the neck and sleeves because it finishes the dress off nicely and just adds a bit of detail, which adds to the overall quality of the item. 

Then the boyfriend blazer. I'd been looking for one for so long and just couldnt find one I liked, they were either too oversized or not oversized enough, so I had a look on Ebay. I found this Topshop one on there for under £10!! It was such a bargain and it's a great idea to look on websites like this because you can find things that may have gone out of stock. This has been worn but I didn't mind because it meant that the shoulder padding was already worn in; the owner said it has no signs of wear and was in good condition, which it was. I just gave it a good wash and made sure everything was clean and then it was good as new. 

I love the details on the jacket. It has lovely, wooden buttons that close into a double breasted style, which adds some formality to the coat. Then it has deep pockets but they are slightly hidden by  fabric so you dont have gaping holes where all you belongings fall out of when you take it off to go to the toilets. It's a slightly tweed-esque fabric but it's a darker colour so it isn't in your face and it's easy to pair with other patterns. Overall I just think the oversized formal look adds a really quirky, androgynous look to any outfit and just makes something more chic and different. 

I also just threw on my classic, tartan scarf. I got this off Ebay because I found a shop on there which allowed you to choose the type of tartan you wanted and it's from the brand 'clans of Scotland'. It feels really authentic. which I liked because I wanted something that would be a classic in years to come. 

I took this Brave Soul jumper in my bag because it's nice to have a layer that is a bit more comfy for when you're walking around inside. It has this really nice, wide shoulder detail, which goes with the boyfriend, oversized look of the coat. I think the navy and cream go lovely together and it's just a classic combination. I'm not going to lie and say a swing dress and baggy jumper is the most flattering combination but I don't mind because I think the overall look is really understated, nice and feminine, so it's not unflattering in a way that makes you look odd. 

 On my nails is an Eccence polish, it doesn't have a name but it's just a simple burgundy, gel polish. It's got a lovely shine to it and I would really recommend the polishes. They are so cheap but the formula is amazing, it's thick and opaque but not cloggy and it dries really quickly, with a lovely shine. 

Overall just a classic and timeless outfit, perfect for casual or formal, autumn days. 

Hope you liked this post xx


  1. You look fantastic! You've made a boyfriend blazer cute and girly, love it. It really suits you x

    1. Aw thank you, that was my goal, I'm not cool enough to pull of an edge look ahah x

  2. I love your blazer and jumper and dress and nail varnish and scarf... Can I just have your wardrobe please?! Your outfit posts always inspire me girl. Looks like such a lovely outfit suitable for the colder weather that's approaching. xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Aww you babe thank you!!!! I'm not going to lie, I can't wait for the cold to come so I can wrap up in cute layers!Xx

  3. Love how you have styled this and how your nails prettily match your scarf! Gorgeous

  4. Great post, as always, hon. Wow, what a bargain! That brazer is amazing and suits you so so beautifully. I have just literally read a different post and the whole outfit was Topshop! New mission: must visit Topshop ;) Gorgeous nail polish colour, btw.
    xox Nadia

    1. Aw thank you, I know I was so happy!! You should, they always have some lovely things in, I love their knitwear and denim xx

  5. WAIT WHAT?! 10 POUNDS? That blazer looks so good! I should start hunting for clothes on eBay now.

    x Carina
    Running White Horses - Travel + Fashion blog || YouTube

    1. I know I was buzzing! haha, you really should, I always find some great bargains xx

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  7. Ooh I love your scarf! And what a bargain for that blazer, would love to add more outerwear in my closet but I think I have to stop buying things haha! I also love how cosy everything looks :)

    Cherie / sinonym

    1. Aw thank you! I'm the opposite, I need to buy more basics and stop buying outwear but the same, I need to just stop buying things *she says as you plans a little haul oops* xx

  8. Gorgeous look, love the blazer!


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