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Square Snaps Review

Tuesday, 8 September 2015
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I bought some Polaroid-esque photos from Square Snaps so I thought I'd give a little review considering there's a lot of these companies out there.

 So I got all these images for around £8 because I typed in 'cheap square photos prints' and square snaps came up. I looked at what they offered and I decided to get the pack of smaller Polaroids because I knew I could fit more photos on a wall if I wanted to. I could get the bigger ones next time just to switch it up but these smaller ones are great and they don't reduce the quality of the image. I was skeptical of this service because it was so cheap, I was scared that my photos would be in a reduced quality but they're not, they all came perfect and not cropped in weird ways. They came really quickly and they were in a really cute, holographic envelope and protected by cardboard, I thought this was great because you could tell they cared about their customers.
The website is really easy to use, you just get started and upload your photos from your device or Instagram, it's super easy. They have a minimum charge for 24 photos, which is £6.99 and then 29p for any extras. I thought this was a really great price for the amount of image I got and a lot cheaper than a disposable camera. You can get all different style but the mini ones came at this price and they look really cute; they just display my photos in a nicer way and look really cute in my room.
 This was the day out when I got my big cactus and we went around Leeds park. It was a lovely day out and we manged to take my nana Betty with us. I think this is a special photo and remind me of a great summer.
 I love this photo because it's me and Lukke at his prom. We didn't go to the same secondary school as each other, so we didn't get to attend the same prom but it was lovely seeing him all dressed up and it's a memory I want to keep. It's funny looking back on photos like this because we both look so different, I even have blonde hair! It's so strange because this photo was only taken around 1/2 months after the previous one but I look so different!
 This is my hamster Bert, I got this photo printed because I think it's a lovely shot of him and captures him in his prime time of eating.
 This is the only photo I have of me, my mam and Lukke. Of course I wanted to keep this memory as they are both so important to me, this is one of my favourite images out of the bundle because it's so special.
 This photo is one of me, Grace and Lukke at Low Force. We went here for a photoshoot of Grace playing the violin under the waterfall. The shoot went amazingly and really added to the project and I thought the little behind the scenes photo was a cute memento.

I haven't displayed the photos yet because I'm waiting to stick them in my uni room but as you can see, I wrote the date on them all and a little message on the back saying where we are at, who I'm with and what we were doing. I think it's a really fun way to collect and keep your memories because you can collate them and see them as a collective.
I really wanted to start printing my photos because I have a terrible fear of forgetting, so I make an effort to take a lot of photos wherever I got and then I put them in a folder called 'to print'. This way when I get to the end of a season or holiday I have all the images there and ready to upload and print. I want to keep doing this and have all different styles and sized prints, I think it would be a great way to decorate walls cheaply and when I get bored of them I can easily tuck them away in a memory box. 
If you are looking to print your photos I'd recommend this service because it doesn't crop or change the quality of you image and it's cheap and easy to use. 
Hope you enjoyed this post xo

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  1. I have just nominated you to participate in the Liebster Awards! Check out my latest blog post for all the details! It's up to you whether you participate, but thought I'd share the love haha xxx

    Katy | Katy's Daily Life

  2. Love these pictures, I think I'll have to give that a go - so many polaroid prints are so expensive I think. The picture of your hamster is adorable! x

    1. Aww I hope you do it's really fun! That's why I chose this one, some of them are like £30 it's a rip off!!xx

  3. This is so cute! I want one so bad. My walls would be covered in photos

    1. Aw it is really fun, I think its a fab idea for wall art xx

    2. Aw it is really fun, I think its a fab idea for wall art xx

  4. Yay for being back to you blog, hon! I have honestly thought about you and your blog a few times today reminding myself mentally "Catch up with Sophie of Shy Life Living" :)
    I love this post so much, such a lovely idea to keep the memories. The snaps turned out beautiful!
    Thanks for a recommendation and Bert is adorable :D
    xox Nadia

    1. Aww yay! I'm so happy with them and it's made me so much better at printing photos out! I'll tell him ahah xx

  5. These are adorable! It's a great idea so memories aren't lost, all my snaps are on my iPhone or Internet. I really need to get some print outs and theses are great!! Charlotte x

  6. You dress is nice,I like this style.

  7. Love you all ,the clothes ,the hair.the shoe!


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