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How I Style An Oversized Denim Jacket

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

So I was looking in the attic and I found this vintage, denim jacket and it really inspired me to do a few outfits with it (and Spot). 

So the first outfit is my Joni jeans teamed with this plaid shirt. The shirt is Lukkes but I always steal it because it's a kind of fluffy, soft material. I tied the shirt at the front because the jeans are highwaisted so it shows off your figure more and means you're not swamped by two oversized items. I'm only 5ft so I think leaving the shirt down and having the oversized jacket would look too much and make me look more dumpy than I am. I just wore a red lip with this because I think it ties the look together and gives it a more girly vibe. 

This is just a super casual look. I teamed the same jeans with my Twenty One Pilots band tee and then rolled up the sleeves for a more edgy look. I think any band tee or graphic tee would look amazing with the other two items because it adds detail but it's still really laid back because of the denim. I just tucked the front of the t-shirt into the jeans to make it less baggy and then threw on the jacket; because the jacket is so statement, yet casual, it looks like you put a lot more effort in, when really you just have jeans and a band tee on. 

(excuse the weird looking knees)
This outfit is a more casual party look. I have this utility dress on, from Topshop, I think the style is lovely because it just hangs off you in a really flattering way and it has pockets!! It's really easy to wear and it's comfy but because of it's shorter length and button up style, you can make it a little more dressy.  I added these stroppy heals, that were £7 in the Peacocks sale(!!!), to add some extra height and give it a dressy look. I think if you added red heals and maybe some statement jewelry, this look could be great for a night out but because I added the jacket it tones it down more, so it's perfect for a more casual night.  

This is my favourite outfit, I feel so 'dirty dancing/sandy from Greece' in it! Again just Joni jeans and the denim jacket but this time I added this eyelash, lace bralette from Topshop. It's a really feminine piece that is so lovely for a night out. I paired it with the same heels and then a fake crock, clutch bag. I think the outfit would be perfect for a house party or a more edgy, town look. I love the feminine details of the figure hugging jeans and the lace bralette, contrasted with the oversized, mens jacket. I think the jacket adds a really cool silhouette but the rest of the outfit is so sleek so it works well. The jacket also covers you up a bit for when it's a bit colder, a bralette is a lovely piece but can be unpractical for the night time. 

Hope you enjoyed this post xo


  1. Love this jacket, Sophie! It is amazing and so easy to incorporate into an outfit. I esp love the look with the plaid shirt <3
    Hope you are having a great day!
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you, it's my new favourite. You can't go wrong with a comfy shirt!! Xx

  2. Love this post, the outfits are all so nice! I have a denim jacket too but hardly ever wear it, might drag it back out now! :) xx

  3. Ahh I love love this look! You've style the jacket so well, my favourite looks are the first and last one, very cool! :)

    Heather Xx

  4. SOPHIE STOP MAKING SUCH AMAZING FASHION POSTS!! haha, no but seriously your style is incredible and you make me want to go out and buy a denim jacket! :)

  5. Oh the lace top is my favorite!!!!!!!! love it!
    I love the outfits in this post :D
    Jade xo


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