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8 Photos Of Happiness

Sunday, 13 September 2015

I was tagged by the lovely Kathryn to do this post and it's basically 8 photos that resemble happiness. I love this idea, its going to be hard to narrow it down to 8!!
Making Memories With Friends:
 This is a big one for me because I use photos to capture memories and I absolutely love getting fun memories, with friends, caught on camera. During the summer I got a disposable camera because I knew I wanted to capture a lot of memories and it's a fun way to do it. It really makes me want to take photos and then when they are printed it's so funny. This one is one of my favorites from that lot of film because of how odd it is. We went skinny dipping at a party and thats been on my 'summer to do list' for years, so I had to document a bit of it.This is us first getting into the water and I think you can tell by our faces that it's cold!!

Me and Lukke (Lukkather is his real name because of a guitarist ahah) have been together 3 years now and I wanted to put photos of us here because a lot of them are so funny and make me smile. I don't mention Lukke a lot because I dont want to be cringey but he helps me a lot with the blog and it would be wrong to talk about happiness in photos without mentioning him. 
This snap is from new years eve about 2 1/2 years ago and it's one of my favourite photos of us. We both look so young and different but I really like the photo and he's wearing a Nirvana top, they are the reason we first spoke! 

My Mam:

 I love old photos of my mam and my mam in general, ahah, I think they are so cute and she always looks amazing in them! I chose my two favourties that make me happy; one is her at the beach and I just like her ginger hair in it and then the other is her wedding day. I think her wedding dress is stunning and it's something that I'd actually wear now. It's so interesting looking back on old photos and seeing the styles people used to wear and how they have came back into fashion, like denim skirts or the 70's trends. All the photos make me happy because me and my mam are like best friends.

My Mam And Dad:
 I don't know if this is a cheat because I just mentioned my mam but I couldn't leave this photo out. I was looking through old family photos and found this, I thought it was so so cute. They've been together for around 35 years and I think it's really inspiring, I'd love to think that I'd marry someone who I could spend that long with and not get sick of, ahah!

 Flowers and plants are so important to me, I dont grow them because I think I'd be rubbish  at it but I love surrounding myself with them and going out to pick flowers, in the summer, is one of my favourite things. They inspire me so much, through my art and I base a lot of my photography around them. I think they are beautiful and I'm quite sad about moving to uni and not having my mams flowers a walk away from me. 

My Annoying Brother:
 My brother is really testing because of his aspergers but I think my home life would be so strange without him shouting about. He's taught me how to be more patient and I do think I'm a more understanding person because of his. I love looking at photos of us when we were younger because we are always pulling weird faces. There's very few photos were we are both smiling but they are all cute. We used to love playing together, even if there's a 6 year age gap, I think we have a great relationship, that makes me happy, even if he stresses me out!!

Last but not least, Grace! Me and Grace have been friends since year 7/8 and I remember when I first saw her she had her school tie of backwards and I thought she was quite strange but then we had to do a Christmas production and we realised we live a street away. We have so many common interests and we have really grew up a lot since our phases in year 7/8, so it is funny to look back on old photos and see how strange we were. I think Grace is the easiest girl to talk to and I love going to parties and dancing really badly with her. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and thank you Kathryn for tagging me, it was so fun!

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  1. These photos are so cute. Especially of your mum and dad. That photo looks like it came out some really cool, indie rom com film. I love the way you took the photos with the old film strips and train tickets in the background x

    1. Aw I said that to my mam but I don't think she understood haha! Thank you so much xx

  2. I like to look back old photos too! My favourite is the one of you and Grace! I strongly believe that friends are family you choose. Its amazing that you know each other for so long time! And I'm in love with your mum ginger hair!! xx

    1. Aww that's so cute, I love it! I'm happy to have a friend like grace.mimtold her and she was so chuffed, thank you!!xx

  3. I was about to write "awww I would love to do this tag" and then saw you actually tagged me, hon :)
    Thanks so much!
    Can't tell you enough how much I loved this post of yours, esp old pics of your parents - so precious. How fab was your mum (I'm sure she still is!). My mum is definitely my bestie as well <3
    These are amazing snaps, hon.
    xox Nadia

  4. Absolutely loved this! I would love to do this tag, loved reading it.
    Tiarney xo |

  5. So glad you enjoyed the tag, your pictures are all lovely! It's lovely being able to have a peek into someone's personal life, particularly through photos as I feel you really get to know a person. You seem to be surrounded by wonderful people! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

  6. I absolutely love this post, it's so nice to reflect on the captured moments in our lives that we remember and involve significant people in our lives. I wish I had captured more in physical form and create a scrapbook, maybe a 2016 project?

    Emmie | ❤


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