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2 Plaited Hairstyles For Rainy Weather

Friday, 4 September 2015
I'm sick of rainy weather ruining my hair efforts, so I put together this post, with Grace, to show 2 hairstyle, which are perfect for those rainy days!!

The Mini Easy Plait:

 SO I know space buns are a bit Miley Cyrus and I'm not a fan since all the gross things she says  but they are really cute. The keep your heair out your face and then it doesn't get messed up by the rain. If you're intimidated by this style you can just wear them a little lower for a more relaxed, cute style. 
Anyway, onto the plait. This is really simple and you can do it with any hairstyle but I just added a few little, thin plaits around Graces head. I pinned them in with the hairstyle and they just add a little bit of texture and detail to the hair. They litrally take about 30 seconds at the most so you can do them anytime, I sometimes do it during a class if I'm bored. They look like you put a lot more effort in and just change up an average ponytail or bun. 

The Side Plait:

I find this one a bit more complicated but it's a more obvious plait that is perfect for those gross days because all the hair is tied up. I simply just plaited around the back of the head, making sure to pick up pieces as I go so that the plait attaches to the head. Then I plaited a front section of hair and added the two plaits together to make one. This create a more textured look and makes the plaits appear thicker. I think it looks really interesting because of the two plaits going into one, it just makes it different and adds something nice to the gross hair days that come with rain. 

Also I used plaits for these looks because you can wear them while walking in the rain and when you take them out you have a cute crimped look. Your hair goes really wavy and it saves you from heat styling. 

Hope you enjoyed this post xo 


  1. These are all so pretty! I'm terrible at doing even the most simple hair styles though which sucks because they'd be so good to do when the weather's bad! -Rachel xx

    1. Aww thank you, I find it easiest with a double mirror so you can see the back of your head ahaha XX

  2. This are lovely hairstyles, unfortunately me and my hair have a poor relationship. Everything I try to do it won't stay up or look right. Its very annoying. ( I'm going to a counciler about it :D :D jk lol) ♡♥

  3. I love all the hairstyles. The last one is my favourite <3

  4. Love these plated hairstyles!!! I`m 100% positive I`ll copy them one day:) By the way, I`ve found many beautiful plaited hairstyles on the Web!


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