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Transitional Outfits

Friday, 28 August 2015
I love Autumn/winter fashion, so as soon as September comes I'm ready to whip out the knitwear and hats. However it's not quite cold enough and you go through this awkward transition stage, that I've always struggled with, so I put together 4 outfit inspirations.

Outfit 1:

Outfit 1 is the most summery but it's still warm enough for those colder mornings. I wore my denim skirt because I think this trend will carry through into Autumn/Winter. Then I paired it with this scalloped, striped t-shirt from topshop and my love heart print tights. I thought mixing up the texture of the tights and scalloped edge was fun and just made the outfit a little less boring.
Then I took a cardigan with me, just for those cold winds. This is a super easy starting point for more layers and you could switch the tights for thicker ones and add a chunky scarf, for winter.

Outfit 2:

Again I just took a trend from summer, the bardot top and tried to transition it into autumn. I just have this textured skirt, from Zara, and then the bardot body, which creates a sleek outfit ready for layering. I then just added my mams cardigan because it's slouchy, it adds warmth but isn't a dull colour so it keeps the bright, girly feel to the outfit. Bardot tops are very sleek and great all year round, you just need to add a few layers and it's a perfect look.

Outfit 3:

Again I centered the outfit around the denim skirt but then I added this amazing, thin, fox print jumper form Urban Outfitters. The jumper is one of my favourite pieces to style because I think the print and detail is amazing! It's quite thin, so perfect for layering with shirts and dresses and the denim just adds a casual, warmer feel to the look. You will be seeing this jumper a lot on my blog/Instagram because I just love it so much! The colour orange is always fun to play around with, it screams autumn but it isnt scary and bright, like a neon pink. The jumper has black elements so it's also easier to style because you can pair it with duller things and because it's not one block colour it's less scary and intense.

Outfit 3: (My favourite) 

I love this outfit and I know I'm going to be reaching for it when college starts! It's so cozy and effortless, perfect for those colder days when you wish you were in bed. I just paired my go to shirt, from Zara with leggings, a tartan scarf, and a slouchy cardigan. Tartan is always great for autumn and it's great for when those winds start picking up. The shirt makes the outfit look a bit more put together because of the formal feel but then because it's longer you can stuff on some leggings and a big cardigan! Perfect for lazy, cold days.

Outfit 4:

Dresses are perfect during summer but I often for get about them, when I start getting my jeans out in autumn. I decided to remind myself with this outfit that dresses are great!! This boho style, smock dress is perfect for autumn because the colours are a bit darker and you have the reds and browns, they are perfect to style during autumn because you can layer burgundies, greens, burn oranges, all the lovely autumn colors would work great with this. I just put on this zipped, green cardigan, from New Look, to add a bit of warmth and you could also add thick tights and ankle boots, when it gets colder. Dresses are perfect because you can layer them up for the cooler mornings but they are cool enough for the warmer afternoons! Great for the awkward, transition weather!!

Hope you enjoyed this post, are you looking forward to autumn like me?

Sophie xo


  1. For me it's sometimes hard to find that perfect line between Summer and Autumn outfit transition. I absolutely love all of the outfits. But if I had to pick one I would choose number 4. I'm more into blouse, leggings/jeans outfits then skirt related ones. Oh and the fox jumper is just too cute. xo

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

    1. Ugh I know it's so hard! Thank you, that one is my favourite too! xx

  2. Great post dear!

  3. Your style is AMAZING! These photos are stunning and so clear! I adore that fox jumper and the dress and well just everything!!! :)

    1. Aw thank you! I tried really hard with the photography because I was alone ahah, thank you as always!xx

  4. Outfit 3 is my absolute favourite! This post has inspired me to do more outfit posts in a similar style to you, I'm hopeless at posing naturally for pictures.
    I'm so excited for Autumn fashion, eeek! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

    1. Aw thank you, I'm really excited to see them!! Thats why I never include my face, ahah, if I did these photos would be so so awkward and SAME! I can't wait xx


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