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Style Snippet: Dog Walk With Best Friends

Wednesday, 12 August 2015
Me and my best friends went on a dog walk today so I thought I'd do a joint style snippet.

Outfit 1:

I decided to go super casual but still summery because today was actually warm!
I just wore my Brave Soul shorts because they have this really nice, floral pattern, which reminds me of summer and I feel like they brighten up an outfit. I feel like the shorts add colour to a plain outfit but because the background colour is cream they are easier to wear. They are really comfy and kind of look like pajamas because they are flowy but I think this just makes them nicer to wear on hot days when you can't really be bothered.
Then I just have this mesh top on, that has a layer of fabric under. I like this because it's simple to wear with printed things but it also has it's own detail. On the mesh layer threes flowers sewn on, this just adds more detail and texture to the outfit. It's my go to top for when I dont know what to wear with something because the white keeps it simple but it also has pretty details. 
Then I just have my usual elephant necklace on, I love this so much because it's dainty so it doesnt overpower your outfit. I dont really wear jewelry that is statement because they are too heavy, so this is perfect because it just adds a little detail and if I forget to take it off it doesn't clash with anything.
I took my Curious Incident bag with a little picnic. I went to see the production last night because I won tickets and goody bag and I actually really like the bag. It's just a black tote bag with the plays logo and then 'today is going to be a good day' on the side. Part of his Asperger is to do with understanding emotion and he draws smiley faces when it's a good day so I thought this was a cute reference to the book but also a nice, little quote.

Outfit 2:

I decide to let my best friend, Grace, explain her outfit and I'd write it for her:
I put this outfit together because the items are comfy but look put together.
The top is a nice cheesecloth fabric with red, white and black embroidered details. I thought it would be good for today because it's cool so you dont get hot when you walk.  It's oversized and I like that style of clothing because its not tight. It's really easy to adjust because of the draw-string tassels, I think this is good because you could wear it as a bardot top or normally. I really like Graces top  because it has embroidered details on the back, which remind me of stars. 
The skirt is a suede, scalloped skirt thats black with buttons down the front. Grace got this vintage but you can find them on sites like ASOS but it's worth looking in vintage place to find a cheaper option. Just be careful and check if things like buttons or press-studs work because Grace got another one that needs a bit of fixing.  
It's black so it's a great staple for summer and winter; it goes with everything! The scalloped edge just adds a bit of extra detail and makes the skirt a bit different and cuter.
The anklet was a birthday present, its a dream-catcher, which is a nice detail especially for Grace because she keeps a dream journal. An easy way to DIY an anklet is to just use a bracelet that might be a bit big or a choker style necklace. 
Grace always switches between a gold watch or this leather strap watch. The leather one works really well with the outfit because it's simple and doesn't take the attention away from the embroidery but it still looks pretty, while serving its purpose.  Then her nails are just a dark purple colour because it's a throwback colour that she really liked to wear earlier in the year.

Hope you liked this and Grace xo

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