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Skin and Body Care For Sensitive Skin

Tuesday, 4 August 2015
I put together this list of my favourite products that work for my sensitive skin and dont add to breakouts and problem areas.

Simple Skincare:
Simple is my fail safe skincare brand! Whenever I have an issue with my skin I always go to Simple and trust their products to sort it out. I've used their Purifying lotion, their spot cleanser and this moisturising face wash and they have all cleared my skin after breakouts. I find that their products are very gentle and they work well to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin without being harsh and abrasive. They wash off perfectly so you're not left with a residue that could block pores and there's no harsh chemicals that may contribute to breakouts.
I also really love their illuminating base primer. It makes my skin appear flawless and adds a really natural, dewy glow to my dry skin. I find this helps to cover any irritation on my skin, like dry patches or redness, it just primes the skin perfectly and create a great base for any other products. It  sinks in really well so you're not layering your skin up and blocking pores, it works just like a moisturiser in that way.
Overall I love Simple as a brand and I'd highly recommend their products, I prefer them over Clinique products I've tried because I find them to be less harsh on the skin.

I've spoke about my love for E45 cream before but I had to mention it again because it is my holy grail skincare item! Thats a huge statement considering how much skincare I've tried, tested and loved over the years of having troublesome skin but I mean it. It's really affordable but works better than any moisturiser I've tried, including the Clinique Moisture Surge! (E45=£3.49 and Clinique £34) It works so much better to add moisture to the skin and keep it hydrated all day; with other moisturisers I've found my skin drys out again by the end of the day but not with this.
E45 is also great for sensitive skin because you can use it as a multi-purpose product; it can be used for dry skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis or even outbreaks of dry skin on your hands during colder months.
I find this works so well because it is free of alcohol. I had a breakout of dry skin around my face and on my arms and I was using Savlon to try and clear it but when I spoke to a skin expert in store she said that you need alcohol free products because it can irritate the skin. I also used this on my face and it helped my spots too, it doesn't take them away but it helped to calm them down.
I just can't rave about this product enough, it's helped my skin amazingly, which has also helped my confidence.


As I said before I had an allergic reaction on my face and arms, which caused dry, irritated skin. I believe it was a reaction to soap in a product I was using so I've switched to Sanex body wash and deodorant to stop it from spreading. These two have saved my skin! I had to cut out all products I was using around that area and the breakout went but as soon as I tried any other body lotion it would flare back up, so I switched to these two permanently. They are really fresh smelling so you dont get that medical smell like some sensitive products, and they are really kind to your skin. Sanex has a wide range of products that are tailored to your issues and they also do bath foams so you can still enjoy normal things but take care of your skin at the same time.
The body wash is a bit more pricey than an average one but I think for the sake of my skin and confidence, I was more than willing to make the switch. The deodorant is just as much as my old Mitchum one and it works just as well, so it's a great one to try if you have really sensitive skin around your arms or upper body.

These are the products that have really helped me after my skin got very sensitive, they've even prolonged the work of the creams that the doctors gave me and I haven't had a bad breakout since.
Hope this helped xox

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