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Room Tour and Cheap Decor Tips

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

I've recently added a few finishing touches to my room so I thoughts I'd give a little tour and some tips on my mini DIYs I have dotted around because they are really cheap and easy to do.

My Desk Area:

My desk is from Ikea (blogger cliche) and I use it as storage and a makeup station. To decorate I have a big 'trees' illustration, also from Ikea, because I think it ties in the colours from all around my room and it stops the space from being too cold and white. A DIY hack on this is to just get a piece of card to fit the space you want, get some paint and stamps and fill the page using colours that are in your room. You get the same effect but it's more personal to you and cheaper.

Also on my desk I have a few of my Cacti. I think having a living plant in your room adds interest to your space and just makes it more personal. A cheap way to collect Cacti/plants is to look on Ebay, it seems simple but it's a great way to find a bargain. The tallest cactus on my desk is from a man in Leeds, he was selling it on Ebay for collection, and thankfully I live close to Leeds, so I was able to buy and collect the cactus for £5!!!! It's my favourite bargain I've ever got because the cactus is around 20 years old and it was so cheap, usually older cacti can be anywhere upwards of £50.

I also have my Rams head jewelry holder, which I picked up in the Urban Outfitters sale for £4! I'd always suggest looking in sales because you can always find a gem and little things like this just add personality to your space. Behind this I have my Votes For Women postcard that I got from the Scottish Parliament and it was only 70p. Postcards are a great way to add art into your room in a cheap way because usually you can pick them up from under £1. Also you can look on Ebay and find packs of them really cheap. 

My desk organiser was a gift but in there I just organise some of my stationary. I also buy my stationary on Ebay because you can find really cute, novelty pieces, like my Alpaca sticky notes or my washi tape. 

 My Shelves Bed Area:

I'd say my shelf is the post DIY part of my room because most of the images are DIY. 
DIY 1: The two collage frames were a project done by my lovely mam; she got a pack of assorted cacti stamps on Ebay and then picked up some frames from a charity shop and just collaged them inside. I think they look really good in my room because it ties together my collection and the colours in the room, it also adds a lot of pattern to the white space.
DIY 2: This is a really simple one that most people probably do, but the prints along the side my framed picture are just band posters that I've printed out and stuck up with washi tape. It's super easy to do but it adds my personality into the room and memories because two of them are of bands I have been to see. 
DIY 3: I watched a Bubzbeauty video on her felt pinning Totoro and decided to make one myself. I ordered the felt off ebay and then used a thick sewing needle to pin it. Mine didnt turn out as well but it's a fun, little DIY to do, perfect ot do during the holidays when you have more time.  
I then got my Albert Einstein as Plato print from Etsy for my birthday. It's really amazing and theres so much detail in it. I love it, its one of my favorite pieces in my room! I'd highly recommend this Etsy shop () because it's quite quirky and has some really fun designs, also the effort and detail is amazing.
The rest of the things on my shelf I just picked up in Christmas sales and charity shops because I often end up changing things around, so it's better to not pay too much.

 My bed area is the space where I spend most of my time, so I try to keep it cosy but minimal. 
On my bed I just have plain sheets, and then my blanket scarf on the end. I dont wear it much as a scarf because its so big but it works really well as a throw and its a bit different because of the illustrated face design. Then I just have two cushions from Ebay and my Totoro plushy and my Alpaca plushy. I get my cushions cheaply because I change them so much that it's not worth spending a great deal and Ebay always have unique designs. 
Then on my headboard I have two Totoro gloves that were gifted to me, I dont wear them as gloves but they go on my bed knobs perfectly. I also just have a few fairy lights and wooden love hearts, typical I know. 

On the first bedside table I put my books and diary. I put my most easy to ready/shorter books here, just in case I fancy re-reading them, and my fox diary is just a little project I have were I fill it with 4 things that make me happy each day. 
Then on top I just have a few little nick knacks that I've been I randomly picked up on outing. The first one is my pot cat that I got from a little shop in Newcastle, I picked it up because it reminded my of hairless cats, which I love. 
I have my bust of Hadrian (Hadrian's wall) because I love busts and he was cheap in a charity shop. 
The more bizarre trincit is my Jesus on the cross, gifted by my best friend as a little holiday present. She went to a few religious countries and picked me this up a present and a little memory of taking Philosophy and Ethics at A-level because I hated it. I really like it though because I love the style of art from that period because they didn't know about perspectives so everything is flat.
Finally I just have a picture of me and three of my friends from a year ago, its a funny photo and I keep it there to make me smile. 

Then the other bedside table is on the side I sleep so I try to keep this minimal so I dont feel too cramped. I just have a photo of me and my boyfriend, look cringe at a New Years party a few years ago, then the first cacti I got in an old, vintage pot that my mam made. I collect little things on my shelves and bedsides tabled because it adds personality to my room and they make me happy because they represent memories.

Finally A Round Up Of Tips:
1- Look on Ebay and in charity shops and sales because you can often find little gems that you can't mind in mainstream shops. Also they are a great way of picking up things like frames because they are cheaper! They are great if your looking for plants because you can often find them for sale in your area for cheaper than a garden center. 
2- Display nick knacks. They are a great way to include memories and add personality to your space, and they are often little novelty things that only you understand. I collect things wherever I go and you can often find little cheap things but they hold a bigger memory. 
3- Get creative. As I've said, a lot of things in my room are handmade or older things that I've up-cycled. DIY's are super easy and can save you a lot of money, sometimes you can even learn a new skill. 
4- You dont have to pay huge amounts to add art into your room. This goes with the DIY tip, but its super easy to pick up postcards or print out photos and posters, it saves money and you can make them more fun by adding personal touches or decorating with washi tape or ribbon. 

Sorry this was so long but I hoped you enjoyed anyway! xo


  1. Your room is gorgeous! I love the white theme with blue accents :) I love TkMaxx for deals as well, you can get some really nice quality room decor for really cheap :) I'm definitely going to check out my local charity shops for some unique (and cheap) pieces :) Thanks for the tips!

    Lauren x

    1. Aw thank you, I'll go check it out, I need to find some new prints so I'll looks there. Hoep you find some good stuff!! Love your blog name by the way Xx

    2. Aw thank you, I'll go check it out, I need to find some new prints so I'll looks there. Hoep you find some good stuff!! Love your blog name by the way Xx


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