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Product Spotlight: Mac Prep And Prime Skin

Sunday, 9 August 2015
This is my go to primer for any long occasion where I want my makeup to last, so I thought I'd give a full, in depth review with my pros and cons. 

In the photos I mainly tried to show the packaging, which displays how much product you get, and the colour of it. Its a yellow based primer, which helps to counteract red pigment in the skin, which is great for me and my spot prone skin.

So on the Mac website this primer is marketed as "An ultra-fluid lotion formulated with special-effect silicones. Calms and soothes the skin, blots away excess oil, and evens out skin redness. Improves the laydown and application of foundation or powder."

I'd actually agree with what it claims, I dont know about soothing the skin because it isnt really a skin care product and I wouldn't say it has any soothing effect on my skin but it does settle the pigment. 

The primer is a liquid consistency and doesn't have that normal silicone feeling, although it does say that there is silicone in it. I like the liquid texture because I think it works better to create a flawless base on my dry skin without sitting on top of pores. Also I think the liquid formula is really light on the skin so it doesn't feel as if you have a lot of layers on your skin. It does stop me from getting oily in my t-zone but it does dry out the rest of my skin, which is great for my dry skin. 

I think the primer skims over my pores and makes my skin look more even, unlike more thick primers that add a second layer to the skin. I would say you really start to notice how well the primer works the longer you wear it; I always come home expecting my makeup to have disappeared but with this I'm shocked because it's always there and looks great. My foundation does go on nicely over the top and it doesn't make my makeup patchy like so tacky primers; you dont get the same smooth feeling like you would with a thick, silicone primer but thats better because you know it isn't sitting on top of your skin.

 Finally I just wanted to add a personal story to show the added wear it gives a foundation. For my prom I wore MAC's Studio Sculpt foundation with the under, it's a very dewy foundation so its expected to not wear as long. However, when I used this )along with a setting spray, very lightly) my makeup last 13 hours! It also still looked amazing when I got in and I'd been sweating, dancing and went to a all night party. 

Great for most people because it's liquid/fluid based so it doesn't counteract the base of the foundation. 
Doesn't feel thick on the skin and is light in texture.
Counteracts redness in the skin because its yellow based.
Stops oiliness but doesn't dry out skin.
Does the job of keeping your makeup on for long periods.

Expensive at £21.
Doesn't fill in pores as well as a thick silicone based primer.

Hope this helps xox


  1. I love the way you have set out your posts.
    I rarely get on with the traditional thicker primers. They feel nice on my skin but they do nothing for the way my foundation looks and stays on. I might give this Mac one a go and see if it has a different effect on me.

    1. Same I never got on with any except this, I find it works so I hope it does for you too :-)
      Thank you so much!Xx


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