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Product Spotlight: MAC And Burts Bees Lip Duo

Friday, 21 August 2015
Usually I'd do a product spotlight on one product but I tried these two together and I think there a perfect match, so here's my opinion along with pros and cons!

 I decided to put these two together because I find their pros outweigh the cons when used together, creating a great match!

MAC Lip Liner, In Anticipation:
So this lip liner is a pro longwear formula, so it's supposed to last a long time once applied. On the MAC website it states that it is a 'rich, saturated colour' and it should 'glides on fluidly and adhere to the lips' and its a 'transfer proof formula that prolongs the hours between reapplication'. 
I would say I agree that it has a very rich colour pay off! I can go out just wearing the liner without it having any faded parts or patches because the colour is so intense. It really makes you feel like you're getting your moneys worth, and you dont have to use a lot to get a great coverage.
I would have to disagree with the 'transfer proof' aspect because it does transfer onto cups, however it isn't noticeable other wise because if you knock  your mouth it wont trail across your face. So it some senses it is transfer proof but not eating and drinking proof. However when it does start to fade because of eating or drinking, it fades naturally and doesnt turn patchy.
Also  one negative I have is that it can be quite drying, when it says it adheres to your lips they mean it!! It can feel quite dry but it's nothing that wouldn't stop me buying it again.

Rich colour pay off.
Long lasting.
Mostly transfer proof.
Fades Naturally.
Dont need much product to get desired look, so worth your money because it doesnt run out really fast.

Can be drying and can look a bit dry on the lips.
You do have to sharpen it, I prefer lip liners that twist up but its not a big deal really.

Burts Bees Tinted Lip Balm, Red Dahlia:
 This is a natural, tinted lip balm, with a sheer red/rose colour. I like to apply this over the top of the liner to darken it up slightly and to add moisture back to the lips. 
So on the Burts Bees website it states 'Care for your lips with beautiful, sheer colour. Our tinted balms give you a hint of colour with a soft, sweet flavor and natural ingredients that moisturize and condition your lips.'
I would agree that the colour is sheer but beautiful because it can be used as just a no make lip option. It's sheer but still has colour, it tints your lips red but in a more subtle way, its more carefree than a full red lip too. 
It does feel very soft of the lips and just slides on effortlessly. It has a sent and taste but nothing too overpowering and it's natural so it wont be as harsh as some scented products, for those with sensitive skin. The smell is not a gross one either so it wont put you off the product, and you can smell it while you have it on either. 
I dont really know how much it conditions the lips because I haven't wore it in this way. I usually wear it over a liner but when I do, I know it makes my lips a lot more moisturized, so in that way it does condition. 
I would say that the formula is thick so sometimes you do get a bit too much product, but thats easily blotted away.

Lives up to all its claims.
Moisturizes the lips.
Natural ingredients.
Sheer but noticeable colour.

Thick in formula so you could need to apply in a mirror.
Does have a sent, this may be off putting to some but I never notice it much. 

I wear the two together because I find the liner can be very dry alone, so if I just add a bit of this I feel a lot more comfortable and my lips are a lot happier ahha!

Hope you enjoyed this xo


  1. I love me a good review :)
    Really love reading about pros & cons of products to know exactly what I am buying. Thanks for this post. I posted a review today as well (
    xox Nadia

    1. Aw thank you, I'll check it out! Xx

  2. Just followed you, girl. Will be great to be in touch :)
    xox N.

  3. great post!


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