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Let's Talk: Organ Donation, Facts And Information, With Help From The NHS

Tuesday, 11 August 2015
Disclaimer: Organ donation is a personal decision and it's important that everyone makes the decision by themselves. I decided I wanted to make a post about this, with the help of the NHS, just to make some people aware of organ donation because I know that it's often forgot about. If you have any more questions after reading this you can head over to the NHS website.

I wanted to talk about organ donation because I feel as though its often overlooked and forgot about. On average three people die a day in need of a transplant, we have a shortage right now and I didn't want it to get worse by people not discussing the issue. I know I'm not the biggest blogger and I doubt many people will read this but I still wanted to do my part to try and start the conversation.

I think organ donation should be discussed more because it shows to your family members what your wishes are and it takes away a burden if you pass and they are unaware of your decision. It's important to clarify your wishes because otherwise your next of kin will be asked, it saves time and stress for your family. If you dont want to donate its also important, for the same reasons, to clarify this with your family.

Some Facts: 

  • You can choose what you want to donate and what you dont want to out of your liver, kidneys, lungs, heart, pancreas and small bowels and tissues.
  • You can take your name off the register or change your donation at any time.
  • All major religions in the UK support organ donation but obviously different people are taught different things so views may differ. There is faith information provided by the NHS.
  • Your family can't veto your decision but if it would cause great trauma etc then the donation may not be undertaken, therefore it's important to discuss with your family when signing up.
I joined the organ donor register because I felt like if I could be a donor when I die then it would be the best way for my body to be used. I know a lot of people have questioned me on the after life, which is perfectly reasonable because no one knows whats next, but again its a personal decision and for me I believe more in a soul than a body.  If your questioning your faith surrounding donation you can always find information on the NHS website, and of course ask other donors or your family because it's important to be supported in your decision. 

My Donation FAQ:
Why are you donating? I'd like to be able to help someone in need and I'd hope if I was ever in need of donation someone would help me too.
What if you change your mind? You can withdraw from the register or change your donation at any time, which I already have.
How did you tell your family and how do they feel? I just told them why I was and they seemed happy that I'd even thought about my future in this way.
Can you give blood too?  Yes you can, just check the NHS to see when you can donate in your area, also the restrictions on donation because there's more restrictions on blood donation. For example I cant give blood because of my height and weight but I am an organ donor. Just check before you do to make sure its safe.

I think even if you know you dont want to donate its important start the discussion because any publicity helps and its an interesting conversation that shouldn't be forgotten about. 

If you do want to donate you can on through the NHS, also if you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below. This is just touching on the subject, in order to start a conversation. It would be interesting to know anyone elses views if you want to comment bellow. 
I hope this helped xox

Also thank you to Lorraine from the NHS for helping me with my research for this post!

People can sign up by telephoning 0300 123 23 23 (questions or signing up)


  1. I applaud you for bringing up the topic on your blog. I have never seen someone write about it on this platform, so yay to you for being a trailblazer!!

    I am an organ donor, and the only concern I have is from the stories I hear about people getting carted off immediately after death (or even before death sometimes) to have the organs "harvested". There is only a small timeframe before the organs in your body deteriorate even slightly so when medics see you are an organ donor, they're quicker to haul you off. I just don't want myself or a loved one to be carted off too quickly, when we could have been saved. You know?

    I still keep myself active as an organ donor however. In the US you don't get a card, but a tiny little heart on your driver's license. I figure that after I'm dead, they are just going to throw my organs out for embalming anyway. I don't need them, so give them to someone that can potentially be saved and go on to live a tremendously rewarding life!!

    Much Love,
    -Stephanie Eva

    1. Thank you! Thats how I feel, I think the US must work differently to the UK? I know here they have to ask your family before they take you away? I think its a great thing to do though, as you say, it's an amazing way to help someone :-)

  2. I have always wanted to be an organ donor. I don't think I can give blood. I love to be able to help people out and will want to do carry on when I have passed. Do you know the minimum age to be a donor? !

    1. That's one reason I'm doing it! There's no minimum age, you can sign up but they advise informing parents but I signed up at 16 Xx


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