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Natural School Makeup

Friday, 14 August 2015
I know some schools and colleges dont allow makeup but  I always wore it because it makes me feel better. I put together a few products that help me achieve a natural look that wont get noticed.

First for base, I chose this Maybelline BB cream because its very fresh and dewy but it still provides a bit of coverage. I have issues with my skin and when I was younger, in school, I used to pile on layers of foundation to cover them. However this makes it obvious that you have makeup on and it usually highlights imperfections rather than hiding them because people can notice areas with more makeup on. 
So this is the perfect base option because you can create more coverage with a concealer and let your skin breathe. You may need a matte version, like the Rimmel one, if you have oily skin but for my dry skin this works perfectly. The only issue is it can be a bit pink toned, so if you have very yellow skin I'd try maybe a Bourjois CC cream because they often look yellow toned or they healthy mix foundation; you could even make your own by mixing your foundation with your moisturiser.  Basically just a light coverage cream or foundation to make your skin look natural but give you a bit extra confidence.

Next up is concealer. I love the Rimmel Wake Me Up because it can be used to hide dark circles, it has anti-fatigue properties so it really wake you up. Also it's not too pale so you can use it on redness or spots too. I would say if you use it on spots just decant some on your hand so you dont mix the bacteria. 
You can tell I love this product by how empty it is. I use it everyday and it give a perfect dewy look. I would say set it with powder like the Rimmel Clear Complexion  so it last all day but for coverage and brightness it works amazingly. I think buying a multi-use product is great for school because it means you dont have to spend a lot but you still feel good in the makeup you're wearing.

To apply my makeup I always use my Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge because its cheaper than the Beauty Blender but it also provides a natural application. I always use it wet because I find it disperses the product better that way and it skins into your skin really naturally. A wet sponge also helps take away any excess product; it stops you putting too much on and looking cakey. 
I apply all my base with this, including my concealer. This way all the products blend well into my skin and nothing looks odd or patchy. The sponge works well because there's different sides and parts to use so it fits on your face perfectly and you can easily blend and apply makeup. It's good for blending makeup down your neck if it's a bit dark because it doesn't leave any harsh lines.

In school I went through a phase of not being confident unless I wore eyeliner. Its a bit ridiculous so I stopped wearing it, I'd say just use a bit of mascara and spend more time in bed, instead of perfecting eyeliner flicks. If you're confident with your skin but want to wear makeup so you look more awake, just stick it mascara. I use the Miss Manga mascara because it adds a bit of volume and lots of legnth so it looks semi-natural but it also gives a really fluttery look to the lashes. This opens the eyes and instantly wakes you up. 
This is perfect for school because it doesn't make you have really thick, stumpy lashes, it just lengthens and spreads them out, while adding a little volume. This means you get the eye opening effect but you dont need to add layers upon layers; if you do layer it doesn't clump up, so you can't go wrong. 

Hope this helps and good luck with back to school/college xo


  1. Love how simple and easy this is! Your pictures are also really nice! x


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