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My Favourite Summer Dresses

Monday, 10 August 2015
At the moment I have two favourite dresses that I wear non stop, they are my go to outfits, so I thought I'd show you them.

Dress 1:
I got this dress from Brave Soul, through ASOS, and I've been loving it all summer! The pattern and colour is not something I'd usually go for but I love it, it's so bright and fun. 
This is  in a smock style, which I find really flattering during the summer because its cool and easy to move it. It also has a slightly more fitted upper half, with buttons running all the way down and a nice collar. I find the dress so flattering because you can adjust how you want to style it, for example unbuttoned at the top for a more casual, hot day, or buttoned right up with a jumper for cooler days.
It's a perfect dress if you're a bit scared of the smock style because it's slightly more fitted at the top and this highlights the waist more.
I think the mixes of blues, yellows and reds/oranges makes the dress so fun to style because theres so many colours to play with. Also if you don't really experiment with colour this is great because theres so many in there so you dont have to add more pieces. What I'm trying to say is the dress speaks for itself, making it so easy to style! I just add some little, white, ankle socks and my red T-bar shoes and I'm ready to go. This is probably why it's one of my favourites because it's the perfect, lazy yet put together look.

Dress 2:
This dress is a more recent addition to my wardrobe but I've already wore it so many times. It's a 60's style, swing dress from Dorothy Perkins and its my perfect lazy day dress because its so easy to move around in but still look like you put a bit of effort in. (basically my style summed up).
It's super flowy but it's a mini dress so it doesn't cut you off and become unflattering. The swing style makes it skim over your top half, which can sometimes be something to hide if you've been eating a lot ahah, but it stops at your thigh so you can still see your shape in your legs. I find this really flattering because it shows that I do have shape and I'm not all fabric.
I think the French/60's classic style is really fun to style and it's a staple style to have in your wardrobe. I know I'll be carrying this piece through to the autumn with some thick tights, a chunky cardigan/jumper and some brogues. At the moment I usually just throw on my converse and white socks for an effortless, casual look.

Hope you enjoyed this little peek into my favourite pieces right now xo

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