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My Favourite Cheek Duo

Sunday, 16 August 2015

I never used to wear cheek products because I feel like I dont want to enhance my chubby cheeks. However sometimes I feel like my skin looks flat so I wanted to add more colour and I finally found my perfect cheek duo!

So firstly is this Benefit Dallas blush. I've talked about this before but its the only blush I use because it's the only blush I've found that suits me. It's a dusty rose colour, it works really well to add a nice flush to the cheeks, without being too intense. I apply it with the Real Techniques contour brush because I find it gives a more concentrated colour, instead of it blending out too far.
This blush doesn't make my cheeks look chubbier, like I feared, it actually kind of contours. Obviously I apply it to my cheeks not my contours but because the colour is a more dusty, mocha, rose colour it works well to slim down the face, while also giving you a natural glow.
I think because this blush is darker in tone it looks a lot more natural but the rose tones gives you nice glow and flush, which helps to make my face brighter and less flat. The formula is really nice and it isn't chalky, it just glides onto you base, and it doesn't stick to liquid foundation weirdly.
It does have a very slight shimmer in but its barely noticeable, it just helps add to that natural glow.

Next I love Topshop Glow in Polish because it gives such an amazing glow and dewiness to the skin. I use this more in winter when my skin is looking dry because it adds luminosity to my face and really makes me look healthy and dewy. It's a slightly pink, cool highlighter so its perfect if you like a more icy highlight but it also doesn't wash you out.
I've also tried strobing with this and it does work lovely because its so creamy and you can blend it in so naturally.
I find you can wear this on a daily basis, just a little bit patted onto the high points of your cheeks but also really build it up to an intense highlight really easily. It's a cream product and it's so easy to layer up so you can easily refresh it, after a long day, for a nighttime look. It shows up well in photos too so you can tell you have that glow and it isn't lost in lights. I just apply this with my fingers because it warms it up and melts it into my skin so seamlessly, I just love it so much!!

When I wear these products together I apply blush first with my Real Techniques contour brush, then highlighter on top, then I blend them together with the contour blush, just so I don't loose any of the blush colour and to avoid striped on my face. The highlighter and blush work really well together because the highlighter has slight pink tones and it applies perfectly over liquid or power.

I'd really recommend these products if you haven't already tried them. Hope you liked this xo


  1. Wow these products look great- the blush looks really beautiful! Fantastic post- I'll defo come back for more!xx

    Check out my recent blog post?

    1. Aw thank you. Glad you enjoyed it, means a lot xx


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