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My College/School Bag Essentials

Thursday, 27 August 2015
So there's about a week left before I start college again, so I thought I'd show you my essentials because I know when I started I had no idea!

So first of all, I'd suggest taking a rather large bag. I take this one from Topshop because I love the tapestry pattern but it's also very practical. It has a long and short strap, which is great because you can vary on what is comfortable for you. The bag is quite thick and has a zip top, so it's perfect all year round because it doesn't let your books get wet in the rain. 
I take a large bag because I take ring binders, pack lunch and textbooks, so I need a lot of room. I think it's better to take a bigger bag and be prepared to carry more things, than a smaller one and having to separately carry books.

I don't take much makeup to college because it's very rare that I actually do it in college. I usually top up my powder during a free or at dinner, and then I just take my lipstick of the day and a concealer, just in case. I take the lipstick that I'm wearing that day and then my Clinique, Black Honey almost lipstick, because it's hydrating and I can just put it on top of anything without worrying.  I also just put a few cotton buds in because you never know when you might need them! I have a fear of having goss ears because I find people look at them due to my piercings, so I always keep these on me for the just in case times. 
My makeup bag is just from Primark, I got this because it's cute but also washable. I find my bags get grubby so I wanted something that I could easily wash. 

Bits And Bobs: 
So my bag has a side pouch and this where I keep random things that I think are essentials. 
Firstly I keep paracetamol and hayfever tablets because I get bad headaches/stomach pains and in the summer my hayfever can get pretty bad. I hate to be that one kid sniffling and having a headache/pain is never fun so I try to keep these topped up. I also find that I'm not the only one needing pain medication so it's great to keep stocked up for friends!
Then I take some tissues because during the winter I get terrible colds and I hate sitting in a quiet class, sniffing away. They are always an essential for those times and when there's no toilet paper!! Does anyone elses college just not top up on toilet paper some days? I always seem to go into toilets without toilet paper, so it's a great idea to carry some tissues for thsoe times and you can always leave one for the next person so it doesn't look like you've just not used any ahah. 
Tampons and pads are a must!! Some people find things like this TMI but most of us have them so they re an essential! I always have at least 2 in my bag but most of the time I take a range of tampons and pads for those days when you're caught off guard or your friend is. I've been in the situation were you've forgot them and  you have to ask someone else, I always feel a bit awkward for the rest of the day know I can't just get my own, so I just keep a few in all my bags and then I'm always prepared. The last thing you need on your period, is a lack of supplies!
Then of course, hair supplies! I always pack a bobble and maybe bobby pins for those bad hair days or exams and you just need your hair out the way. 
I take a few pounds just for those times when you look at your dinner and it's juts not appealing. Sometimes I just fancy some skittles or a fizzy drink. To be honest I started taking money because I went through a phase, in my first few months of starting college, of eating fruity polos everyday. (They are great for sore throats)

Pencil Case:
I never used to take a pencil case because I'd just keep them in my pocket but after a pen leak ruined my coat pocket I decided I should. I just got this fox pencil case from Ebay because it's cute and shows people in politics class that I do love foxes so dont talk about repealing the hunt to me! 
I take a range of different coloured pens because I work by colours. I can't write page of notes in one colour because I like my work split up and easier to read. I take on of these mini pens with all the different colours, for when I'm in class and there's a lot of notes because it's easier to colour code faster with this.
I pack a pencil and rubber for anytime that I may need to draw, this one is just from The Curious Incident and it says 'Today is going to be a good day' which is cute.
Then for aesthetically nice work, I pack washi tape and Alpaca sticky notes. It's just helps me make my work prettier and more fun, which then makes me enjoy my work more. 

Folders And Papers:

I take one ring binder but then have two more at home. I just take one to college so I'm able to slit up lessons and their work in a way that isnt heavy and takes up too much room. I then pack a refill pad because it fits into the binder and it's easy to rip out and transfer into separate folders. Refill paper is one of my favourite things to take to college because it makes it so much easier for me to sort all my folders out without having to spend ages ripping notes out and rewriting ugly, ripped ones. 
Then I have this cute fox notebook that my mam got me. I'm using this as my college/blog planner. So I will have all my college work/timetable written in here and then sort my blogging scheduled around that. It just makes it easier to have all my schedule and planning in one, cute place.
Then another thing from my mam is this really cute memo pad. It has a bunch of different style memo pads and stick notes, which is perfect for me because I learn by quizzes from little notes, so these are essential!! What I love about this one is that it has one long stick pad in the style of a list, so it's perfect for days that I have a lot of things that need to be done, I can just list them all and tick them off easily. 
I get all of this from Wilkinson's, except the binder, which is from WH Smiths,

Hope you enjoyed this and good luck with back to school/college/uni xo


  1. EVERYONE IS SO TRENDY IN SCHOOL THESE DAYS! I had to carry my school-approved school bag to school (a very unfriendly chocolate backpack) and I never had the effort to make my stationery look nice! I love your pencils and sticky-notes though, they're super cute!

    Cherie x

    1. ahahah aw, we don't really have any rules at college but school was a bit strict. Thank you!Xx

  2. Really love this post, Sophie! Love your bag & its contents! So useful - everything you might need + your stationery is gorgeous! Hope you enjoy college when it starts :)
    xox Nadia

    1. Aw thank you! I hope I do but this year is so much work!!Xx

  3. Love this post! I am hopefully starting college again (mature student lol!) in a couple of weeks and I love these posts!

    Sian | The Tattooed Princess

    1. Aw thank you and good luck! I hope you enjoy it!!Xx

  4. Lovely post! I love your bag x

  5. So much cute stationary!!

    - Courtney

    1. Thank you lovely, I have a bit of an obsession xx

  6. I've just discovered your blog and it's amazing! I love the cute/vintage-y vibe :)
    Great post.


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