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My Cacti Collection, Plus Marimos

Wednesday, 19 August 2015
I've mentioned before about my cacti collection but never my marimos, so I thought I'd show you my collection and speak a bit about my tips on collecting.

This one is the runt of the littler ahah! It's this little succulent I picked up at a garden centre, it's a bit battered but I couldn't leave him behind. I knew if I didnt take him home no one would, so at the moment I'm trying to get him a bit healthier.

This is the very first one I got, its really cute and fluffy. The pot is one my mam made in school and I think they go really well. I love how old and battered the pot is and it's just cute that my mam made this. I then have a few crystals in and a shell from Grace, these just add a bit of decoration to the pot and act as toppers. 

 This is a super old photo but I thought I'd include it because they looked so cute in the cup. I since re-potted one but the other is still thriving in the tea cup and looks super cute.
This is also an older picture of when my cacti sprouted this beautifully, huge flower! It smelt and looked amazing!!


So firstly my marimos. From what I understand a Marimo is a Japanese moss ball. I got them because I thought they'd be cute pets but not too hard to look after. Them grow about 5mm a year and to look after them I just clean them with filtered water because the chlorine can be harmful. 
I also collect cacti because they are a lot easier to keep than other plants and I think they are beautiful. I love all the different kinds you can get, as well as succulents. I have a few with flowers sprouting, which are super cute, and I have a few tall ones, which are fun to see grow.
My two biggest cactis and really special because I got the tall one about a year ago from a lovely, old man in Leeds. I bought it on Ebay for £5.50  and we made a day trip out of it, so me and my family had  a lovely day and I picked up a bargain cactus. Then the other wide one I got as a present from my parents for doing well at GCSEs. 
Most of my others I have either got from my mam as gifts or I've picked up at random places from gardens centers to Aldi.

My Tips On Collecting:
Have a budget: By this I mean be strict, dont spend more just because of impulse. I got my big cactus for £5 so I'm not going to spend more on a normal one because I know I can get it cheaper. I will spend more if the cacti are special, for example they have a different type of flower or I havent got one like it, but if I just see a normal one that I like I wont buy it unless it's under £5. This just stops you wasting money on impulse purchases.
Look for them all over: Dont just look in Ikea or garden centres because you wont find particularly interesting ones. I'm always on Ebay or online nurseries, instagram and even supermarkets. By looking all over you can find some older ones or different kinds and you'll get a range.
Collect pots as well as plants: I look all over for different pots or things to use as pots. I have a few cacti in tea cups or old pots. Sometimes you'll pick a cacti up and it doesn't have a pot or one will grow out, its a good idea to have spare pots for back up.
Be creative with potting: You dont need to have one pot for each cactus, it's great to mix it up and make mini terrariums or get different pot toppers, like crystal, marbles or gravels. You could use different colours or sparkles, just see the pots as something creative because then your collection will be a eye catching piece for your space.


  1. Your cacti are all so cute! Such a different post too, it's made me want to buy more :) x

    1. Aw thank you, hate to be an enabler ahaha but it's always fun buying more 😂 xx

  2. I never even thought about collecting cacti but they are all gorgeous and now I'm intrigued to find some interesting ones. I currently have two on my desk at work, any recommendations how to make them survive a while? I'm normally crap at keeping them but I've had one for over a year and he's doing strong so I just don't want him to die on me!

    Victoria xx


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