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Monthly Loves: August

Monday, 24 August 2015

I saw In The Frows video of her August Love List and I was really inspired to put together my own version. I love makeup but I dont try enough every month to do a general beauty favourties, so after seeing that video I thought I'd collect my loves of this month. 

1: Favourite Beauty Product Of The Month? 
For me this has to be my MAC Studio Fix Concealer. It's been great to cover blemishes and just give my skin a more perfected look. I also ran out of my Rimmel Wake Me Up and this has been helping to highlight under my eyes. It's a great multi purpose product. 
I prefer to use it with my fingers from the back of my hand because it just warms the product up and you can get a fuller coverage this way, I do buff it out with my sponge to just blend out the harsh lines and it works perfectly. It's not overly drying and it doesn't crease. 

2: Most worn clothing item?
This month it has 100% been my striped Zara shirt. Everyones probably sick of seeing this but I love it so much. I think it makes a normal vest and jeans look so much more chic and put together. I know it will be a staple for back to college because its so easy to throw on. It has some lovely details, like the oversized pock, with a different style stripe. I think it's so flattering because of the shape, the arm length and the tailoring in the back. The weather hasn't been very nice but it's still August so it's nice to wear layers but light colours; it still feels semi summery but is practical. The stripe on the shirt is quite speckled so it's a bit different compared to the all the other striped shirts/clothing items I have, so thats my reasoning for buying it. I guess it's a good sign that it's in my favourites so that can justify it.

3: Favourite place?
I thought I'd include a favourite place because there's always one area that you've visited or that you constantly gone to in a month. This month my favourite place has been my mams garden. I love wandering around and picking fresh flowers and taking in all the lovely scents. My favourite part is seeing the wildlife, like the bees and butterflies, my dog Spot, also likes to wander around with me. It's great looking around and having a little companion with you. My favourite flowers are her pom pom plants because the shape is so intricate; I love the Lillie's because they smell amazing and are so beautiful to look at and the lavender because the smell is amazing to have by your bedside, and it attracts lots of bees.

4:Song of the month?
I want to say something by Robert Delong because I have been loving his stuff but I'd say my most played is Champagne Kisses by Jessie Ware. I love it for blogging because it isnt really distracting. I find that I hate sitting in silence but I also find some music hard to concentrate with, so this one is perfect. If you like a good sing a long song this one is great! I cant sing to save my life but I do love trying with this one, it's just so catchy. Jessie Ware is also very beautiful and I think the album cover is amazing, does anyone else look for nice album covers?

5: Food of the month?
WATERMELON!! I never used to see the love for watermelon and I was always a honeysuckle type but this past month I've been loving it. I have to for breakfast and snacks throughout the day but my obsession has became pretty bad because I've been going through a melon a day.

6: Favourite memory?
I had to include a favourite memory so I can look back on these posts and be a bit nostalgic. I'd say my favourite memory of the month is when me and my mam went to the opening nigh of The Curious Incident!! As you all, probably, know The Curious Incident by Mark Haddon is my favourite book because it portrays Asperger really well and the writing style is amazing. Anyway there was a competition to win tickets, you just had to send a picture of you pet in. I sent a photo of Spot in and won!! I dont win things so it was really exciting. I know the production is very modern so I was scared that it wouldn't be how I imagined the book but I was so wrong. It was an amazing, there were around 12-15 people playing all different characters and their only props were boxes. It sounds strange but I think it shows that it was him narrating the story because in your head you dont have 40 extras. I loved it so much but I think you'd need to read the book because you may get a bit lost otherwise. I would highly recommend it though!

I hope to make the monthly, so I hope you've enjoyed this, If you have any way I could make it better just comment. Thank you xo


  1. This is a lovely post! Different from a typical favourites layout too. That Zara shirt is lush as well, definitely going to have a look for it. xx

    1. Aw thank you, you should it was such a great buy xx

  2. I enjoyed reading this post so much :) Love it how your fave place is a garden <3
    Such a gorgeous monthly favourites!
    xox Nadia

    1. Aw thank you, I'll keep them coming every month xx

  3. Just came across your blog and I'm really enjoying reading it! :)
    And I also like this kind of monthly favorites layout, it's different from usual and you get to talk about a bunch of things that made you happy, not just beauty wise. x

    1. Thank you! That's exactly how I wanted it because I feel like I'm not covering my full month only talking about beauty xx

  4. I had never heard of pom pom plants before and now I think it is my favourite flower :)

    1. They are sooo cute!! I'd never seen them till this summer and same, I love them!!xx


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