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Meeting Alpacas

Monday, 17 August 2015

So I've mentioned my love for Alpacas so many times but yesterday  finally got to meet some, at Barnacre and it was such a lovely day.

So we went to Barnarces on an open, picnic day. We first met Debbie and Paul who run the farm and they were so nice and welcoming. They offered us coffee, juice and cakes and the group just sat around talking for a bit. It was very welcoming and not intimidating, which is great for someone who is shy! (The coffee was just to my taste as well ahha) The group split into two smaller groups and we were able to have a tour of all the fields with different alpacas in. This was so interesting because we were given a lot of stories and facts about the alpacas, it was great to get to know the different alpacas. The farm is huge so it was entertaining to just wander round.
We all got to feed them and this was so cute, they are very gentle and really liked carrots hahaa. The thing I liked most was that they gave you this tour and you could see the alpacas up close, it was really nice to be able to see them naturally and see how inquisitive they are. 

Then after that we went and had our picnic in one of the bigger fields. This was nice because the alpacas are so nosy, so they'd walk down in twos and just stand and look for a bit. I thought being able to sit with them and just have a picnic was an amazing experience and not one you get to do often. The group there were very friendly and there was a great atmosphere. Again having Debbie, Paul and their team there was nice because they were telling us little bits about the alpacas walking past and you could see them responding to their names. They are very friendly and wont bother you, they just strolled on past.

After our picnic my family and Lukke went for a wander to see the different alpacas again. It made the visit very comfortable to just be able to walk around and see what you wanted, it didnt feel overly controlled. We just walked through the field and saw some alpacas and Lukke took the great photos in this post. As you can see they are so gentle and inquisitive. 

After our wander Debbie and Paul showed us the mating process. Now this was a very strange thing! Alpacas are very loud ahah but it was so interesting and not something that you'd be able to see in most places. They were so informative, as strange as it was seeing it for the first time, it was an amazing experience and made better by the information that we were being told going through it.
We also got shown some of the wool and compared to sheep you can really feel how soft alpacas are!

I really loved this trip and I think Barnacre's open days are amazing to go to! They were really welcoming and informative, also we got to do things you wouldn't be able to elsewhere.
It was a great end of exam present from my parents and obviously seeing the cute alpacas was the best!! I really had to be strict on how many photos I put on this post because they were all too cute!

Thank you for reading xo


  1. I love alpacas, they are so funny and cute! lovely photos! x

  2. Omg I love alpacas so much, they are so cute! I'm glad someone else shares my love of them! I saw some at the zoo recently and I got a bit too excited :-)

    1. Aw they are adorable, it's great finding others with the same love, most people are confused ahah! Xx

  3. Alpacas are so cute :)

  4. THANK YOU SOO MUCH SOPHIE! My sister has wanted to go see one for soo long (she loves them) but I couldn't ever find the right place. So thanks to you, I'll be taking her soon :D! I love Alpacas, they are adorable.

    1. Awwww how exciting, you'll have to show me!! I hope you enjoy xx


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