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How I Style A Denim Skirt

Monday, 3 August 2015

Denim skirts are a huge trend this summer and I thought I'd put together some of my favourite ways to style mine, so here's my 4 ways!

1-The Classic Striped Tee:
So this first outfit is really easy and affordable to style because striped t-shirts come in some many variations, theres a style for everyone, and you can find them all over the place. I think a striped t-shirt is a stapel in a wardrobe because they can be worn with anything; I got this from a vintage shop and I think it works really well with the denim skirt. The cropped shape to the top is really flattering because the skirt is an A-line shape, this means that the top and skirt finish at the waist and draw attention there, which makes you're waist look smaller. Any cropped shirt would have the same effect so its easy to interchange with what you have. I think the simple, thicker stripe on this top makes it super casual and along with the denim the outfit has a really laid back vibe, perfect for summer picnicking!

2-A Simple Shirt:

Shirt 1: I chose this really simple, pinstripe shirt from H&M because it has a really nice oversized shape. This is really flattering if you have problem areas because it skims over them and it also works well for people with a flatter chest because the fabric will make you look fuller so it balances with the A-line shape of the skirt. I just think oversized pieces are really fun and perfect for the summer because they are more cool than something that's skin tight. This look could be dressed up or dressed down and you could even wear the shirt open and have a pretty crop top or bralette under. Its a really versatile look and can easily be transitions into colder weather with some tights and a scarf. I do think the oversized look has a real 90's throwback feel to it, so you could go for that look with a striped or a check shirt and some beaten up trainers, with a scrunchy. I just keep thinking of more and more looks as I go on (haha)!
Shirt 2: I chose a plain white shirt because I think it shows how you can dress the skirt up if your going to a summer event like a BBQ or garden party. The denim skirt adds a fun, girly and chilled vibe to the outfit but then the plain white shirt makes it more sophisticated because it's such a timeless, chic piece. You could wear this with some really nice ballet flats and a nice brown belt for the more dressed up look, or make it really casual with some converse.

3- The Bardot Top:
 I had to include the bardot top because firstly it's a big trend this year along with the skirt, and I featured the denim skirt in my bardot styling post.  I think this look is really feminine because of the cute style of the skirt and the exposed shoulder cut of the top. It's a great outfit if you're going somewhere casual but still want a tan and it's a really pretty look for any day time or evening event. You can take from day to night so easily; wear it plain during the day with some sandals for a great everyday look and then dress it up with a nice belt and some rings for a night look. I decided instead of wearing the same bardot top as I did in that post, I'd wear this bodysuit version just to show the different look you can get; its a more sleek look and you don't have to worry about tucking layers in.

4-Cropped Jumper:

 I thought I'd show two different jumpers because I think this idea is really interchangeable and easy to create over and over when college/school starts. I think the denim skirt trend will go on into the autumn/winter and this look shows how easily you can transition it and get a few different looks. If you're anything like me, during the winter you pull out your jumper collection, the denim skirt works really well with just a jumper tucked in or a more 90's cropped style. I like to think of the skirt as a different pair of jeans, so it isn't a 1 time thing and you can wear it again and again but just change the look up abit.
So jumper 1, I chose a more wintry, thicker jumper. This would be perfect for those early autumn mornings and warmer evenings because you could wear a cute shirt under and just take it off when you're warm but still look cute while it's cold. The skirt is high waisted so it makes a more bulky jumper more flattering because you can tuck it all it, or just at the front, to highlight your curves and shape, instead of being buried by a cosy jumper.
Jumper 2 is a thinner jumper so it's more suited to the end of summer/beginning of autumn or just summer nights. The thinner style is easier to tuck in and it is really easy to just throw on without thinking. The love heart pattern also adds a really cute feel to the look, you could amp this up by wearing it with some cute T-bar shoes and wearing a nice Peter Pan collar. This look could also be interchanged for a more sporty style jumper to go for that sports luxe look or you could add an interesting graphic tee/jumper. 

Anything you want can work with a denim skirt because they are so versatile, just think of them as another pair of jeans! Hope this helped xox

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