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Easy Summer Hairstyles

Saturday, 15 August 2015
Im really bad at hair so I thought I'd put together some really easy ones that are great for summer. (Modeled on the wonderful Grace)


So for all these styles I used curled hair, I just curled Graces hair with straighteners, its really easy if you look up videos online.
Anyway, with this first style is really simple for any occasion but especially school. All I did was grab some hair from one side of her head and then just did a normal corn plait around and pinned it under a curl.
To do a corn plait you just plait as normal but when you take a strand over just pick up another bit of hair, this just attaches  it to your hair so it doesn't fall flat.
This is a really simple hairstyle, which is perfect for those early, 5 minute mornings. I love it because its so simple but it looks like you put a lot of effort in.


 This is the perfect hairstyle for day 2 hair, you can use the second day curls and just tie up the annoying parts in this cute bun. All I did with this was take the top layer of hair, twist the hair and then wrap it into a circle and pinned it. It's a great style for school/college because it gets your hair off your face but it still looks nice and you can get more use out of the curls. It's also great for people like me, I hate wearing my hair up and off my face but sometimes you just need it to be away, so this is perfect because you can have your hair down but also get the annoying bits away.


 This is just your basic bun with a twist. So to get the bun I just combed the hair up on the top of Graces head, to do this alone just tip your head upside down and comb in place. Then I put it into a pony tail and looped strands of hair around to cover the bobble and create a fake doughnut; it just makes the bun look bigger and thicker without having to backcomb. It's perfect for those tired days when you forgot to wash your hair, so you can just stuff it up and get out in time. I then just added a flower crown around the bun to add a big of detail and it makes it look like you put a lot more effort in. (my life).  This is great for all hair and only takes 5 minutes at the most!


This hairstyle is one I do on my own hair a lot! All you do is take the top section of your hair and start to plait it, then as you get further down the back of your head, just pick up pieces and add them in. Its totally fine if it goes a bit wobbly because you can just pull little bits out to give it a more effortless look. Again this take your hair off your face but it isn't as scary as a slapped back pony tail ahah.
I often wear this hair if I'm going to college but I know I need to be somewhere after, it's great to transition from day to night because its simple but looks put together.

Hope this helped xo


  1. I absolute love these looks, especially the first one!!! I am going to try it out this afternoon!

    xoxo Emily

    1. Aw thank you, I hope it works out!!Xx

  2. These hairstyles are absolutely beautiful! I think i will try them for back to school!
    Jenna Marie |

    1. Aw good, I hope they work out for you, I do them alot in school and it really helps get the annoying bits off my face ahah xx

  3. I love all these hair styles! They are so pretty and perfect for summer x

    1. Aw thank you, Im glad you liked them!!XX

  4. These all look beautiful, I think the first is my favourite :)
    Love Holly x


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