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Desk Organisation And Room DIY's

Sunday, 23 August 2015
I had my annual clean and I thought I'd document it and show my new organisation and 2 DIY's.


So as you can see I'd let the mess get on top of me and I just had to take everything off and rearrange!! So when I tidy, I find it easiest to just take everything off the surfaces and clean everything. I always just lay everything on the floor because I can see it all and I can see the junk compared to the things I want to keep. 


So I tidied up my desk and managed to get rid of all the junk. I rearranged my stationery so that all my black/blue pens had a place, then my coloring's and then my pencils. I then slotted in all my washi tape so I could see it and get use out of it. I find its best to have specific and obvious places for things because then I dont get overwhelmed by mess when it comes to college time. 

I wouldn't say my desk is minimalist, ahah, because I love my clutter. (Maybe I'm playing a bit too much sims 4?) I love just having my personal knickknacks and I like having things in the open so I can see then, rather than splitting my makeup draw with pens and pencils. 

I also made use of this cute bowl. I found it in my mams cupboard and knew it would make a great holder for something in my room. I was cleaning my draw and realized I had cotton buds dotted in different trays, so I tied them up and put them in this bowl. It may be weird for some but im obsessed with cotton buds (that reminds me of Zooey 101) because I have a few piercings so I'm always cleaning them, and they are great for cleaning up mistakes in makeup. 

 I then cleaned my makeup draw. I've never really shown these because my make up isnt very exciting, so I just showed my two favourite draws. The frist is my most used products, so foundations, primers, eye shadows and cheek products. I love how they all just slotted together, it pleased me ahah! Then I have my most used body products. I have all my tanning things in a cupboard so I just keep smells and handbag sized things in my draw. As you can tell I'm a bit obsessed with The Body Shops vanilla scent. It's my all time favourtie, so I like to keep it close by. I then have my mini Vaseline, which is a prompt to remember to use it. It's so good but I always forget to apply it and then regret it when my skins all dry. Obviously I love Soap And Glory's Hand Food!! It's so good at refreshing my hands and it isnt gross and sticky for ages after you've applied it.

I try to keep my draws quite minimal and only have products I use in because otherwise I find they get messy and gross and then I hate putting my makeup on. It's nice to just keep everything you need there and it's clean and fresh to use when you want it. Any other makeup that I only use now and again, I keep in my cupboard because I have another desk organizer in there or if I use it now and again I'll keep it in a little travel makeup bag near my desk. I think splitting everything up just makes things easier to find and more organised.

DIY: 1
So my first little DIY is super easy, it's just revamping an old IKEA bottle. I wanted to put some Lillie's in my rooms but the bottle looks too plain, so I gathered some old ribbons, fabric tape and washi tape to see when would work best with it. 

I decided to use this fabric tape because its thicker than washi tape so when I refill the bottle it wont get ruined. I just measured up how much I'd need to cover the bottle and then wrapped it around. It's perfect because you can peel the sticky part off while you're wrapping so you can it straight all the way around. 

You can add as little or as many stripes as you want but I added three; two at the bottom and one at the top. I think this split the bottle up nicely and added colour to it without being over the top. I also cut a circle out and stuck that onto the bottle stopper. I never use it so it's always just hanging, I thought it would just tie it all together and make it look a bit prettier.

DIY: 2

So this next on is a super cheap way of creating wall art. I had loads of frames that my mam bought at a car boot sale and I want to create a gallery wall. I did order a print of Etsy to show but my printer wasn't working, so I thought I'd start filling a few frames on my own.
All I used was frames that I picked up from car boots and charity shops, wallpaper samples and a post card.
I had this wallpaper sample of Brighton so I cut it up in the size of the frames and pieced them together. It created this really cute trio, that go really well together. I like how they are all joined but separated by the frames.

They do look really cute and they are a great start to my gallery wall. I think the best part is that the frames were about £1 each and then the wallpaper sample was free, so it's a really affordable way to add some colour and art into you room. I'm 100% doing this when I'm in uni! 
The colours go really well with the others in my room and because theres 3 it means I used a lot of the paper and non of them look odd. I think alone they may have looked out of place because I dont have many photos up yet, but all three together look great and I'm super happy with this one!
I also framed my 'votes for women' postcard. I've been meaning to do this for so long but never got round to it, so I finally did it and it looks much more chic in my room and put together. The postcard was 70p so it's also a really affordable way to add prints in you room. It would be a really great idea if you collect illustrated postcards from places you've visited. It's really cheep and a fun DIY that makes prints a bit more personal.

Overall I really happy with my little revamp, I didn't change much but I think the prints, flowers and jars have just added some colour into the room and added more of my personality. Also rearranging my desk has made me feel so much cleaner and more on top of everything, ready to start the new college year and progress my blog.

Hope you enjoyed xo 


  1. I love your desk, is fantastic! Really creative! And where did you get the white makeup case for the drawer? Seems to be super helpful for organise makeup and other things! xx

  2. Thank you lovely, they are just from ikea. I love them because they are really easy to clean xx

  3. Your desk is stunning! Wallpaper samples! OMG how come I have never thought of that! I'm off to go and get some samples and make my own wall art! x

    1. Thank you! Aw if you do make sure to show me, I'd love to see how they turn out!!xx

  4. Ahhh I am in love with your blog I wish I found it before

    1. Aw thank you, glad you've found it now!!xx

  5. Wow love your blog! Great post too. Would you like to do follow for follow on bloglovin? Just follow me and I'll add you back! x :)

  6. I am obsessed with bedroom organization and DIY at the moment so I'm loving this post! Those seaside frames are the cutest <3

    Gisforgingers xx

    1. Aw thank you, I was really happy with how they turned out xx

  7. I LOVE organising with PASSION :)
    This post just hit the jackpot with me! Thank you so so much for sharing this beauty, Sophie! You are so creative. Those wee houses framed are soooo precious. Love love love every bit of your re-organised desk. Btw, it looked amazing before as well ;)
    xox Nadia

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! Ahaha it was a bit of a mess but I'm glad you liked the post! Xx


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