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5 Outfits For The First Week Of College

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

I teamed up with my friend Grace again to show 5 college outfits, in different styles.

Outfit 1: Comfy And Smart:

 So firstly is Grace's outfit for a long day because its comfy and you don't have to worry about a lot of different pieces. She just wears the suede pinafore with different flowy tops. The pinafore is black so it goes with so many different tops and its simple enough to wear patterns with.  Its such a stapel and can be used as a variation from black jeans.
The top today is just the embroidered, cream top, with red and black stitching. It adds a more laid back vibe to the outfit instead of it being very prim and proper with a more girly top. However because of the V shaped neck line and the cuteness of the pinafore, its still a feminine outfit, that flatters Grace.
This style look is also great for those days when you have to go out straight after class, you can easily take it from day to night, with just a red lip and maybe a more formal top.

Outfit Two: A Smock Dress:

Having a smock dress is a staple for both me and Grace because they are so comfy but till stylish and put together. This one Grace is wearing, is great for summer and autumn in college because is sleeveless, so perfect for hotter days but baggy enough to fit a top under for winter. 
The pattern on this dress makes it a bit more exciting than just something plain and just makes you look a lot more put together than you are. It's a really interesting paisley pattern with all different colours, this is perfect if you want to pair it with any jumpers during the winter. I think smock dresses actually go really well with a jumper because they have so much material so it just puffy out at the bottom and gives you this really cute skirt.
Smock dresses are just so easy, comfy and they make you look so put together.

Outfit Three: My Go To Skirt:

I literally wear this skirt all the time! Its my go to because I find if I dont make the effort one day everyone else will and then I get self conscious, so I try to get things that are comfy but look styled. This skirt, from Zara, is perfect because I get stick it on with a black jumper and look like I put so much more effort in than I did. It's a thick material with texture running through and flowers that are a little bit thicker, so its a really interesting piece that does all the work. Its a fit and flare style so its really flattering on because it hugs you waist but flares further down, giving you a slimmer shape. Also because its a thicker material you dont need to worry about  bits flying up or getting creased when you sit down.

Outfit Four: Classic Striped Tee:

I dont usually wear T shirts because I dont think they suit me because they are too boxy but I find this oversized one suits me best. A striped T shirts is always a staple because they look so effortlessly chic and are so easy to style. I love this one because its baggy so its really comfy but it also have details like the V neck and turned up sleeves, which just make it look a lot more stylish. I usually just wear this with highwaisted jeans because they make the outfit more sleek.
The turned up sleeves makes a little point so the arms kind of stick out, I find this really flattering because it's no tight and restricting and it doesnt give you that boxy shape. The fabric of the top is also perfect because it feels like PJ's and who doesnt love wearing Pj's all day without anyone knowing?
I have this new obsession with tote bags! I'm going to start wearing them for college because they are so much lighter that other bags but still look cute. I have this one, that I got from a museum, and a Curious Incident one that I got from the show. You can get them all over and its a nice way to remember a place but it a more useful way. These bags are also perfect if you're shopping because you dont have to use plastic bags but they still work like one.

Outfit Five: Lace Details:

This combination of top and jeans is another that I wear all the time. I just throw on a black vest top and highwaisted jeans for a sleek look, then over top I layer this lace top. The lace top is perfect because it adds a bit of texture to the look, especially when its contrasted with all black, you can see the lace a lot more and it gives a really nice, sheer texture and pattern. This top is one of my favourites because of all the little details. It has 3/4 length sleeves that I find really flattering because they are not as OTT as full length can be sometimes, especially because they are all lace. Then the bottom is a separate, net material that has a scalloped edge, this just adds a little bit of detail and finishes the top nicely. The best bit is the big key hole in the back. I love this because it just makes the top more flattering and not so boxy, it adds more interest to the look and is just a nice detail that you may not always notice. 

Hope you like this post and good luck if you're starting/going back to college x


  1. This is perfect for back to school!
    Jenna Marie |

  2. I start college in a couple of weeks! This has given be lots of inspiration thank you x


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